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Category: Human Biology

  • Can a Non-Person Have Down’s Syndrome?

    From the New York Times: Ohio Bill Would Ban Abortion if Down Syndrome Is Reason Opening a new front in the abortion wars, abortion opponents are pushing Ohio to make it illegal for a doctor to perform an abortion if a woman is … Continue reading

  • A Leaky Faucet: Why Darwinian Evolution Leads to Loss of Information

    In 2010 biochemist Michael Behe published a paper in the Quarterly Review of Biology in which he concisely stated the first rule of adaptive evolution: “Break or blunt any functional coded element whose loss would yield a net fitness gain.” By this he meant … Continue reading

  • Cell Feature Resembles Power Grid

    Apparently, it’s time to alter biology and anatomy textbooks again. There’s much more to mitochondria than we ever thought. Researchers revealed that these tiny cellular power houses are highly organized to efficiently deliver ATP energy. They interconnect throughout muscle cells, … Continue reading

  • Methinks This Robot Has Been, Like, Weaseled into a Darwinian Tale

    It’s been 29 years since Richard Dawkins committed the Weasel Blunder and 25 years since Tim Berra committed Berra’s Blunder, but some evolutionists still don’t get it. You can’t design something for a purpose and call it Darwinism. Even if some randomness is … Continue reading

  • Science Deniers Notwithstanding, Human Life Begins at Conception

    In the scientific debates of our day, it’s important to distinguish debates about scientific facts from debates about the ethical or metaphysical consequences of scientific facts. That human life begins at conception is a scientific fact, and has been recognized … Continue reading

  • No Animal Is a “Who”

    In referring to animals, I sometimes in an unthinking way find myself using the word “who.” But I always try to catch myself, and change to “that.” The personalizing expression “who” should be reserved strictly for humans, since only a … Continue reading

  • Hands up for creation!

    One morning I energetically participated in rowing practice. With seven other oarsmen I pulled my hardest on the oar to move the boat briskly through the water. As soon as the practice was through, I was contacted by a nearby … Continue reading

  • Secular Anthropology Fails Consistently

    By assuming long ages and by underestimating human creativity and mobility, evolutionary anthropologists keep getting surprised by evidence. A number of recent articles about human history and anthropology illustrate the perennial motto of evolutionary anthropology: “everything you know is wrong.” … Continue reading

  • Planned Parenthood selling baby parts

    Planned Parenthood has received negative press recently after some of its representatives were filmed negotiating prices for the sale of organs from aborted babies. Many have expressed outrage, and rightly so, because it is an abomination. Not only does Moloch … Continue reading

  • Gender Confusion Is Not Biological

    Even biologists are confused about gender confusion. One thing they know from science: it is not biological. A study at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles resulted in a politically-incorrect conclusion: transgender identity is not due to hormone imbalance. “We’ve … Continue reading

  • More than In God’s Image

    I feel the continual need to defend the value of human life simply and merely because it is human. Why? Among other reasons, human exceptionalism is the necessary predicate to universal human rights and equality. If we don’t have objective … Continue reading

  • Cell Vesicles Wear Sophisticated Coats

    Envision a day when self-driving cars make driving obsolete. Now, imagine a far-future day when you don’t even have to get in the car. Instead, as you walk out the front door, a car assembles around you, lifts off the … Continue reading

  • Bacteria Metabolisms Are Like Computer Circuit Boards

    Bacteria sometimes face a rough life. At about a tenth the size of most plant and animal cells, they have no layer of skin to protect them. Environments can change quickly and if microbes don’t have the right tools to … Continue reading

  • Newer Chimp Hands Are Irrelevant to Human Exceptionalism

    On even the slightest pretexts, science reporting seeks to undermine the exceptional place of human beings in nature. Case in point? A study in the journal Nature Communications, “The evolution of human and ape hand proportions,” concludes that human hands are … Continue reading

  • Can they all be wrong?

    If ‘science’ and ‘all those scientists’ have shown evolution to be valid, how can anyone claim otherwise? Much of the resistance we meet in the creation science ministry is vaguely based upon this sort of notion. It is fairly easy … Continue reading

  • Trash Be Gone: Why Are Biologists Lashing Out Against Empirically Verified Research Results?

    Is the vast majority of the human genome useless junk or crucial for cellular function? Scientists are split over this question, with evolutionary biologists principally holding the former viewpoint, and molecular biologists the latter. In our era of advanced biological … Continue reading

  • Is Artificial Intelligence Possible?

    Over the past half-century, Artificial Intelligence has been all the rage among computer scientists, and among many other scientists and philosophers and the general public. Can machines think? Is it possible that a computer could have intentions and desires and … Continue reading

  • More to Thank God for in Your Body

    Here’s news about wonders in the human body you may not know about. Body fireworks: Given that tonight fireworks will light up the skies around America for Independence Day, Live Science posted a timely and interesting infographic called “Fireworks and You.” It … Continue reading

  • Here’s the Intel; Stephen Hawking fears robots could wipe us out

    We have reported in Creation magazine that the famous physicist Stephen Hawking was concerned that tampering with the ‘God particle’ (Higgs boson) could end the world.1 Now he has issued another dire warning: mankind is doomed if artificial intelligence takes over because we … Continue reading

  • For Shame, Psychologists

    A psychologist points out the flaws in his field, including useless tropes that have utterly failed for decades. Dr. Thomas Scheff is ashamed of psychology for not understanding shame. Therein lies a conundrum. In his article for the UC Santa Barbara Current, … Continue reading

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