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Category: Human Biology

  • Children are Little Geniuses

    By: David Coppedge There’s a lot of talent in the heads of those little toddlers. Exercising genes for birth:  Why do unborn babies move around in the womb, flexing their limbs?  They’re turning on genes, PhysOrg reports.  They need that exercise, because … Continue reading

  • Stem Cell Revolution Leaps Forward

    By: David Coppedge Called revolutionary and “too good to be true,” a simple way to turn ordinary cells into stem cells has everyone excited – and some cautious. How can you turn an ordinary adult cell into a stem cell?  … Continue reading

  • Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body

    By: David Coppedge Here are more glimpses at the power under the hood: human capabilities recently discovered by researchers. Faster than the blink of an eye:  You can recognize an image in as little as 13 milliseconds, Medical Xpress reported: Imagine seeing … Continue reading

  • Dazzling DNA

    By: Don Batten This is an exciting time to be a creationist! Following pilot studies published in 2007,1 the ENCODE (Encyclopedia of DNA Elements) project has now published some 30 papers of phase two, revealing that most of our DNA is functional and effectively … Continue reading

  • Aboriginal Cannibalism? – And Our One Human Family

    It is a sad fact that there is a large gap in social stability and opportunities between Australia’s Aboriginal people and the rest of the society there. But why is this so? A reader wonders whether the evolutionist sentiment that … Continue reading

  • A&E, “Duck Dynasty,” GQ, & Homosexuality

    By Dave Miller, Ph.D. No doubt you’ve heard the brouhaha over the remarks of a member of the “Duck Dynasty” cast concerning homosexuality. Though we do not agree with all of the religious views of the Robertson family, the Christian … Continue reading

  • Home Cooking: Old Testament Israelite Style

    As a guy who is terribly equipped to do much in the kitchen, except start and stop the microwave oven, it’s almost hypocritical for me to discuss cooking in the ancient world! But my long-time research into how people lived … Continue reading

  • Fulfilling the Genesis Mandate While Helping the Poor

    by James J. S. Johnson, J.D., Th.D. Aquaculture expert Jon Steeves recently helped an African community establish a fish farm to supply local food needs—a wonderful example of biblical multitasking through obeying the Genesis mandate while also serving and loving … Continue reading

  • The bacterium that came in from the cold

    by Jonathan O’Brien Some animals live for 200 years or more, and there are trees which live much longer still.1,2 But here’s a story about an organism which, some scientists say, trumps them all. There have been several recent claims that scientists … Continue reading

  • More Discoveries Contradict Human Evolution Story

    By David Coppedge As more findings fail to fit the Darwinian picture, the evolutionary story of man appears to be unraveling. Hand me the tools:  A hand bone from Kenya is telling evolutionists that human-like gripping hands, ready for tool … Continue reading

  • Natural Evil: How Good Germs Can Go Bad

    By David Coppedge It doesn’t take much to turn a friendly bacterium into a killer. A Medical Xpress article, “From friend to foe: How benign bacteria evolve to virulent pathogens,” describes how quickly good germs can become dangerous to humans through interactions … Continue reading

  • Engineering Designs Found Throughout the Biosphere

    By David Coppedge News from biomimetics is coming in so fast, there’s only time for brief mentions in a growing list of living designs worth copying. From leaf to photocatalyst (PhysOrg): Engineers have “have used biologically inspired self-assembly to build … Continue reading

  • Best Creation News of 2013: Human Origins

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. The popular notion that humans evolved from ape-like ancestors took several heavy hits this past year—both from secular and creation-friendly research—confirming that God created man in His image according to Genesis. Three major pillars supporting a … Continue reading

  • You Are Not a Comb Jelly

    By David Coppedge Reports that ctenophores are ancestors of all animals hide uncomfortable findings for evolution about the comb jelly’s genome. Comb jellies (sometimes called sea walnuts) are amazing animals of the sea, flashing like Christmas lights with their cilia-driven … Continue reading

  • Moral Mayhem Multiplied—Now, It’s Polygamy’s Turn

    By Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. As most Americans were thinking thoughts of Christmas cheer, a federal judge in Utah dropped a bomb on the institution of marriage, striking down the most crucial sections of the Utah statute outlawing polygamy. Last … Continue reading

  • Unfortunately, Mutations Won’t Create Superheroes

    By Jeff Miller, Ph.D. The comic book series X-Men is based on the idea that evolution will eventually cause humans to mutate into new, more advanced super-humans. While that might sound kind of cool, the idea is just as much fiction as … Continue reading

  • Oldest Human DNA Can’t Be As Old As They Think

    By R. L. David Jolly If you believe one of the latest reports from a group of researchers, Adam and Eve could not be real people and the Genesis account of creation is nothing more than a religious myth. Working … Continue reading

  • Awe, Shucks: Backwards Causation in Scientific Explanation

    By David Coppedge Is it the emotion of awe that creates belief in the supernatural, or is it the other way around? Intent on giving naturalistic explanations for everything, psychologists cannot bear the thought that a real God exists who … Continue reading

  • Adam and Eve

    by Lita Cosner Periodically, there are bursts of articles wondering about Adam and Eve. What was the historical Adam like? Did he even exist? What does genetics indicate about our first parents? Unfortunately, many conclude that Adam and Eve are mythical … Continue reading

  • Ho-Hum; Paleoanthropologists Confused Again

    By David Coppedge Upsets are so common in evolutionary studies of human ancestry, bystanders might well ask how often they find anything worth believing. “Hominin DNA baffles experts” reads a headline on Nature News, one of a slurry of reports about the genome deciphered … Continue reading