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  • Trees Really Are ‘Pleasant to the Sight’

    Genesis 2:9 records one of the Lord’s original intentions for creating trees, saying, “Out of the ground the LORD God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. The tree of life was also … Continue reading

  • Ebola ‘utterly mysterious’ to Darwinists

    Secular scientists who tell Americans that Ebola is not likely to become airborne are unwittingly basing their conclusion on the lack of evidence for Darwinian evolution, even though many of them are proponents of Darwinism, a leading scientist in the … Continue reading

  • Brain Bath: A Clever Design Solution

    What makes sleep so mentally refreshing? University of Rochester neuroscientist Jeff Iliff addressed the crowd gathered at a September 2014 TEDMED event and explained his amazing new discoveries. The words he used perfectly match what one would expect while describing … Continue reading

  • Sierra Leone Braces for Three-Day Ebola Lockdown

    In her free time Isha Turay, an 18-year-old Sierra Leonean student, sells vegetables on Malama Thomas Street in the heart of the bustling capital, Freetown, so that she and her siblings can eat. But for three days, starting at midnight … Continue reading

  • Woman born without a cerebellum baffles doctors

    A woman in China has stunned doctors after a trip to the emergency room for dizziness and nausea revealed that a key part of her brain was missing. It appears the woman was born without a cerebellum, a small but … Continue reading

  • Does the Bible really forbid homosexual relationships?

    For around two millennia, the church has held that the Bible prohibits all sexual activity outside of that between a man and his wife. In recent years, however, this view has been challenged, with some claiming that same-sex relationships, so … Continue reading

  • Ebola Outbreaks Visualized In 5 Charts

    The Ebola virus is one of the most virulent microbes known to man, killing up to 90% of those infected. According to the World Health Organization, there have been 25 disease outbreaks in recorded history. The current epidemic in West … Continue reading

  • ‘Dead zone’ in the Gulf is the size of Connecticut

    Scientists say a man-made “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico is as big as the state of Connecticut. The zone, which at about 5,000 square miles (13,000 sq km) is the second largest in the world but still smaller … Continue reading

  • Electrifying stem cell finding retracted

    A bombshell stem cell discovery by Boston and Japanese scientists was withdrawn Wednesday from the journal that published the work — amid allegations of fraud and a tide of incredulity from outside scientists. It is one of the highest-profile retractions … Continue reading

  • Creative design in the human embryo

    One of the most marvellous evidences of creative design and organisation is the astonishing process of how a human being develops in their mother’s womb. But right at this point, evolutionists come on with one of their strongest arguments. They … Continue reading

  • Can science help us resolve the big debates?

    In the early days of independent India, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru said, “It is science alone that can solve the problems of hunger and poverty … of a rich country inhabited by starving people.” Would any head of state today … Continue reading

  • ‘Junk’ DNA Keeps Your Heart Beating

    A new research study has shown that large regions of the human genome, once thought to be useless junk, work to keep your heart functioning properly.1 When these areas of the genome malfunction, cardiovascular failure is often outcome, showing the … Continue reading

  • UK hospitals heated by incinerated babies

    by Phil Robinson Hospital incinerators are now being compared with those used by the Nazis during the Holocaust. While the title of this article may read like something from a horror novel it is unfortunately very much true.The Telegraph1 has reported that … Continue reading

  • Giant Virus Rises from the Past

    By: David Coppedge The media are shocked that a virus resurrected from 30,000-year-old permafrost can still actively invade amoebas. Authors of a paper in PNAS were exploring Siberian permafrost when they isolated a large “pandoravirus,” a type of unusually-large virus that attacks … Continue reading

  • Natural Evil: How Good Germs Can Go Bad

    By David Coppedge It doesn’t take much to turn a friendly bacterium into a killer. A Medical Xpress article, “From friend to foe: How benign bacteria evolve to virulent pathogens,” describes how quickly good germs can become dangerous to humans through interactions … Continue reading

  • Adam and Eve

    by Lita Cosner Periodically, there are bursts of articles wondering about Adam and Eve. What was the historical Adam like? Did he even exist? What does genetics indicate about our first parents? Unfortunately, many conclude that Adam and Eve are mythical … Continue reading

  • Has The Flu Really Evolved To Avoid Our Immunity?

    By R. L. David Jolly For nearly thirty years, one of the key evidences used as proof of evolution being true is antibiotic resistance.  Evolutionists continually point to bacteria that evolve a resistance to an antibiotic as strong evidence for … Continue reading

  • How did the Creation change after the Fall?

    Dacid K. asks, “Please could you explain scientifically how rapid post fall restructuring of creation occurred to incorporate things like immune systems, changed biological structures to transfer to carnivorous diets, viruses and bacteria and host parasitic biological structures introduced at … Continue reading

  • Incredible Stories of Human Ability in Weakness

    By David Coppedge Here are three amazing stories that speak for themselves. Baby music:  It appears that babies can remember lullabies they heard in the womb that their mothers sang.  Science Daily reported on a University of Helsinki study that measured brain … Continue reading

  • What You Know Just Ain’t So: Evolution

    by Michael Peroutka A man known as Josh Billings, one of the leading American humorists during the second half of the nineteenth century, once said this: “It ain’t what a man don’t know that makes him a fool…It’s all the things he does know…that just … Continue reading

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