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Category: Geology

  • Craters, radiohalos, and ‘geologic time’

    This week’s feedback is an example of how CMI can help creationists faced with long-age arguments, whether from atheists or their churchian allies, theistic evolutionists. While the questions below concern specifics, we explain how to answer both these specifics and the underlying assumptions behind … Continue reading

  • Water Deep in Earth’s Mantle

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. * How far below Earth’s surface can we find water? There is no way to drill hundreds of miles down, so researchers must wait for evidence to surface from the depths. An international science team recently … Continue reading

  • Aronofsky’s Noah will stimulate biblical geology

    By: Tas Walker The public interest in this film could spark new interest in the biblical account of Noah’s Flood. The global Flood is hugely significant for biblical geology. Mainstream uniformitarian geologists since the early 1800s have worked on the … Continue reading

  • Fossil Facts and Fantasies

    By: David Coppedge The stories told about some fossils raise more questions than answers, even with top Darwin spin doctors in the operating room. Aquatic sloths:  Live Science has some comments about the “aquatic sloths” that were found with those Chile whale … Continue reading

  • Ancient Lake Bed Merges with Biblical Clues

    By: Brian Thomas, MS In northwestern India, annual monsoon rains fill lake Kotla Dahar, which then eventually dries as it receives virtually no precipitation for about half the year. But scientists recently found clues buried in the lake-bed sediments suggesting … Continue reading

  • Black Rocks Red-Flag Uniformitarian Flaws

    by Tim Clarey, Ph.D. Red flags traditionally act as warning signals. In this case of a surprising rock discovery in West Virginia the flag is black rather than red, but the results are the same. Geologist Callan Bentley recently blogged … Continue reading

  • Geology Fails Oxygen Test

    By: David Coppedge A rock used as a signature for the rise of oxygen in the early earth turns out to be misleading and useless for dating. Hematite in banded iron formations (BIFs) from Australia have been used for years … Continue reading

  • Geological maps show geological history of the Gold Coast, Australia, and relation to Noah’s Flood

    By: Tas Walker This geological map (figure 1) of the Gold Coast area in Queensland has each geological unit marked in a different colour. The legend on the map signifies what each colour refers to, and is arranged with the … Continue reading

  • Gold in Victoria, Australia, formed as Noah’s Floodwaters were rising

    By: Tas Walker In January 2014, I visited Bendigo in Victoria, one of the towns made famous when gold was discovered in 1851. During the ensuing gold rush to the region, the Australian population tripled in just ten years. The … Continue reading

  • Paricutin

    By: Jonathan O’Brien IN 1943, a Mexican farmer was working in a field with his wife and son when he was astonished to see a small fissure suddenly open up in the ground in front of him. The trio were … Continue reading

  • Do Foxes Have Magnetic Senses?

    By: Brian Thomas, M.S. During winter, red foxes hunt snow-covered mice without even seeing their prey—but how? Certainly, hearing plays a crucial role, but researchers from the Czech Republic and Germany found that European foxes pounce on mice much more … Continue reading

  • The geological column is a general Flood order with many exceptions

    By: Michael J. Oard Whether the geological column represents an exact sequence of Flood events or not can be resolved by applying a geological model that is based on biblical presuppositions. Walker’s model is ideally suited to analyzing the rock … Continue reading

  • A Biblical Geologic Model

    By: Tas Walker A geologic model is needed to help explore, classify and understand the geology of the earth. The basis of a geologic model is a clearly defined history of the earth. Naturally any history of the earth must … Continue reading

  • Giant’s Causeway

    Colossal volcanic eruptions during Noah’s Flood by Tas Walker Each year, almost half a million people visit the Giants Causeway on the north-east coast of Northern Ireland to see the remarkable rocks. On the plateau 100 m (330 ft) above … Continue reading

  • City of Gosford, Australia, exhibits fossils buried during Noah’s flood

    The City of Gosford, 70 km north of Sydney, Australia, is hosting an exhibition of plant and animal fossils typical of species linked to the sandstone formations of the area. The exhibition allows people to see some of the finds … Continue reading

  • Çatalhöyük Mural: The Earliest Representation of a Volcanic Eruption?

    9,000-year-old painting thought to depict an eruption at Hasan Dağ Noah Wiener   •  01/09/2014 Discovering the Çatalhöyük Mural This Çatalhöyük mural is thought to represent a nearby volcanic eruption. New scientific evidence confirms a contemporaneous eruption at nearby Hasan Dağ. In … Continue reading

  • Cave Dates and Climate Estimates May Be Off

    By: David Coppedge The steady drip, drip, drip of water from stalactites should provide a way to calculate the age of cave formations, right?  Don’t be too sure.  A scientist at Florida State found that calcite deposition is a function … Continue reading

  • Bloody Mosquito Pierces Standard Fossil Dating Procedure

    By: Brian Thomas, M.S., & Tim Clarey, Ph.D.  A Blood-Filled Fossil Researchers recently examined a spectacular mosquito fossil containing still-bloody remnants within its body. They dated the fossil based on the assumed age of the Kishenehn Formation where it was … Continue reading

  • Java Man Just Got Older

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. * Java Man was the name given to fossilized remains discovered in Indonesia over a century ago. Subsequently defined by evolutionists as Homo erectus, an extinct hominid, its placement in human evolutionary history has mystified evolutionary anthropologists. … Continue reading

  • Geological Pioneer Nicholas Steno was a Biblical Creationist

    By: Tas Walker It is clear from what he wrote. Nicolas Steno (1631-1686) was the pioneer of modern geology. His principles of stratigraphy have stood the test of time. They are still taught in first year geology courses all over … Continue reading