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  • Is the Bible reliable as a historical record?

    Jack M., U.K. commented on the article Communicating truth with grace: Dear Lita, You make the observation that there is evidence that the Bible is historically accurate. However, there are many, many historians, Christian and otherwise, who present evidence that the … Continue reading

  • How to deal with experiencers

    After reading Gary Bates’s Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection, Don S. emailed CMI as follows: Hi, Alien Intrusion (6th printing 2011) is one of the best books I have read. Yes, churches should be abductees’ best sanctuary.But you give no … Continue reading

  • Muhammad was wrong … what about Moses?

    Christians reject the claimed revelations of Islam and other non-Christian religions, so on what basis do we accept the revelation of Scripture? Kevin M. asks: Hi Creation. I am a committed Christian and believe Jesus died for our sins and … Continue reading

  • Transgender arguments hinge on sex versus gender—can you choose?

    In response to Dr Kathy Wallace’s landmark article on ‘transsexualism’, Male and female He made them …, correspondent Grant S., from Australia, submitted this comment: The condition known as xenomelia can tragically lead sufferers to desire that perfectly functional limbs be amputated. I … Continue reading

  • Red Sea Parting, Jonah, and miracles in general

    What actually happened with some of the most dramatic miracles in the true history revealed in the Bible? For that matter, why should we bother explaining anything taught in the Bible, unless we can explain everything? Matthew S. from Australia … Continue reading

  • Flimsy Fundamentalism?

    EXCERPT: We recently received a series of comments from a website visitor who we will refer to as PJ. The comments were made in response to an article by Dr. Todd Beall entitled, “Christians in the Public Square: How Far … Continue reading

  • George Jamieson / ‘April Ashley’: A ‘model’ life for the ‘gender reassignment’ brigade?

    In response to Dr Kathy Wallace’s landmark article on ‘transsexualism’ this week, Male and female He made them, correspondent Tony B., from France, submitted this comment: Born George Jamieson in 1935, he had gender reassignment to become April Ashley and has had … Continue reading

  • Communicating truth with grace

    Part of what we do at CMI is answer skeptical enquirers “with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15). For example, James H. wrote in response to our Evolution vs God review: All this creationism [profanity deleted] makes my skin crawl. You … Continue reading

  • How did unique fish appear in particular areas?

      Stephanie from the United States wrote to ask about animal migration. Her question is highlighted in green. Hi, I was wondering how to answer this question. How did some fish only end up in certain lakes, ponds, etc. This … Continue reading

  • Common ground with old-earth creationists?

    F.M. from the United States writes: Hi CMI, Even though I disagree with your argument that dinosaurs lived together with Human at one point, I still find it intriguing because although I am an OEC [old-earth creationist], I think it … Continue reading

  • The Blood Curse of Jeconiah

    Response by Shari Abbott, Reasons for Hope. Solomon and Nathan,  Two sons of David.  Two ancestors or Jesus.   Last week we addressed the supposed contradiction in the two genealogies of Jesus as recorded in Matthew and Luke.   We … Continue reading

  • Geology, the Sphinx, and the Bible

    It can seem strange to use the Bible as the fundamental dating tool for geological events in the past. However, it is a solid starting point. In today’s feedback geologists Dr Tas Walker and Dr Emil Silvestru discuss the perils and uncertainties of geology, … Continue reading

  • Why are there two different genealogies for Jesus?

    Question received at [email protected] I was reading the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1 and Luke 3 and have two related questions. First, although the genealogy is essentially the same at the end points (Adam/Abraham to Joseph), the genealogy is different … Continue reading

  • ‘Awful’ rules in the Bible

    Is the Good Book really good? This week we feature feedback from an individual who questions whether various regulations in the Bible are morally trustworthy. Andrey I. writes: Hello CMI , hope i don’t annoying with my questions , but … Continue reading

  • Dinosaurs, Stars, and Special Creation at Gateway Church

    by Michael Hansen Dinosaurs in Texas? On June 5, 2013, over 2,000 dino lovers visited Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, to hear Brian Thomas of the Institute for Creation Research speak about dinosaurs, the first in a three-part series of … Continue reading

  • Old Universe with a Short Human History?

    After the NCHE Conference in North Carolina last week, I received the following email from an attendee: Dear Diego, Really enjoyed the conference! Hope you liked being in North Carolina. I have a couple of thoughts and questions about some … Continue reading

  • Are women genetically superior to men?

    A number of modern myths about the genetics and development of the sexes—that the Y chromosome is ‘inferior’ to the X chromosome and that all babies start off female. CMI writers Dr Robert Carter, Dr Carl Wieland, and Lita Cosner help dispel these myths. … Continue reading

  • Do Christians worship the one and only God?

    D.H. from Canada writes: I know this isn’t science related but I’m hoping you guys can help me. I’ve been a Christian for a long time and I thought I knew how to answer most questions. Because of your ministry … Continue reading

  • Noah did not take fish on the Ark!

    There are many basic misconceptions about the animals Noah took on the Ark. The ideas that there were fish on the Ark and that dinosaurs would have been too big for the Ark are two of the most persistent misconceptions. … Continue reading

  • Arguing about authority

    Today’s feedback features two correspondents who pose questions about the use and abuse of credentials in argumentation. CMI’s Dr Carl Wieland and Lita Cosner respond. John H. from Canada writes: My question is-HOW CAN THE INFORMATION YOUR SITE OFFERS in contrast to reputable scientific … Continue reading

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