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Category: Evolution

  • Did Darwin Plagiarize His Evolution Theory?

    By: Jerry Bergman Some historians believe that all of the major contributions with which Darwin is credited in regard to evolution theory, including natural selection, actually were plagiarized from other scientists. Many, if not most, of Darwin’s major ideas are … Continue reading

  • Koala – The Bear That Isn’t!

    By: Andrew A. Snelling According to his diary of 1802, written while exploring the Nepean River in the Camden area south-west of Sydney, Australia, Ensign Francis Barrallier of the New South Wales Corps traded two spears and a tomahawk for … Continue reading

  • Elephant Shark Research Team Misses Creation Clues

    By: Brian Thomas, M.S. When mainstream scientists search for clues about how and when the first bony-skeleton creature evolved from a non-bony creature, do they overlook evidence showing skeletons could never evolve from non-skeletons in the first place? It appears … Continue reading

  • Evolutionists Divided Over Coexistence of Placental Mammals and Dinosaurs

    By: David Catchpoole If you can remember being taught as ‘fact’ that only small, ‘primitive’ mammals were around at the demise of the dinosaurs (supposedly 65 million years ago), because placental mammals1 didn’t evolve until afterwards, you’re not alone. There are … Continue reading

  • Astrobiolo-SETI: Science or Fantasy?

    By: David Coppedge Fantastical scenarios with no evidence – sometimes contrary to evidence – continue to get good publicity in science venues. Imagining Dyson Spheres:  No one has ever seen a Dyson sphere (a theoretical way for an alien civilization … Continue reading

  • Breeding Unicorns

    T.S. wrote in asking us to help him spot the flaw in his friend’s reasoning about hybrids: Hi, a friend of mine told me of an interesting discussion he had today with some people at university. He apparently won an … Continue reading

  • Why So Many Planets?

    Mihai A. from Romania asks us to address his concerns about the huge number of planets in the universe and their implications for biblical creation: Hello, I was raised as an Orthodox Christian and both my father and my grandfather … Continue reading

  • Amber Flowers Challenge Dinosaur Depictions

    By: Brian Thomas, M.S* Dinosaur dioramas don’t display flowers and grasses—supposedly because they had not yet evolved. But it takes only one piece of the right kind of evidence to disprove a whole paradigm. Amazing amber fossils from Burma (now … Continue reading

  • Frogs – Jeremiah was not a bullfrog

    By: Paula Weston Evolutionists would have us believe that all living things are related to each other: that fish became amphibians, and amphibians became reptiles, then some became birds, others mammals … etc. So when Three Dog Night sang ‘Jeremiah … Continue reading

  • Tiktaalik is Back, This Time with a Hip Twist

    By: David Coppedge Discoverer of a putative ancestor of tetrapods thinks it came with rear-wheel drive. Neil Shubin of Your Inner Fish fame (1/16/08) did some more digging, and found the rear fins of his iconic fish-a-pod that made headlines in 2006 … Continue reading

  • Evolution is Most Certainly a Matter of Belief – and So is Christianity

    By: Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. One of the most misleading headlines imaginable recently appeared over an opinion column published in USA Today. Tom Krattenmaker, a member of the paper’s Board of Contributors, set out to argue that there is no … Continue reading

  • Mouse Study Shows ‘Junk DNA’ is Actually Required

      by Jeffrey Tomkins, Ph.D. * It was once believed that the regions in between the protein-coding genes of the genome were wastelands of alleged nonfunctional “junk DNA.” However, we now know that these previously misunderstood regions are teeming with … Continue reading

  • Giant’s Causeway

    Colossal volcanic eruptions during Noah’s Flood by Tas Walker Each year, almost half a million people visit the Giants Causeway on the north-east coast of Northern Ireland to see the remarkable rocks. On the plateau 100 m (330 ft) above … Continue reading

  • ‘Inclusive Fitness’ is a Just-So Story Generator

    By David Coppedge Critics of the “inclusive fitness” evolutionary explanation for altruism liken it to Ptolemy’s epicycles. Why would an animal forgo bearing offspring to help another’s reproduction?  Such natural examples of “altruism” have been answered for 50 years by … Continue reading

  • Imagining Worlds – No Evidence Required

    Science fiction is fun, but science demands evidence, not imagination. Imagination sometimes leads to scientific discovery, but until it does, it remains imagination – better suited for theaters.  The demands on science for empirical verification are stringent.  Yet often, in … Continue reading

  • Evolutionary Theory Changes Its Tune…Again

    By: Eric Lyons, M.Min. The song has been playing like a broken record for decades: “Evolution is true. Evolution is a fact. Evolution is true. Evolution is a fact….” As long as this mantra is repeated by enough intellectuals, it seems … Continue reading

  • Sharks Traveled Far but Evolved Nowhere

    A shark genome shows the slowest evolution ever, but prehistoric sharks were the first to figure out long-distance migration. Slower than coelacanth, the well-known living fossil: that’s the verdict about shark evolution coming from the genome of the elephant shark … Continue reading

  • Surprising Human Hand Bone Challenges Evolution

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. * A hand bone found in northern Kenya surprised researchers when it surfaced in rock layers assigned a supposed age of about 1.4 million years, making it the oldest dated human bone but still “young” enough … Continue reading

  • Can Anti-Creationist Rhetoric Survive a Debate?

    By David Coppedge Darwinist rhetoric thrives when it’s the only show in town. New Scientist’s Andy Coghlan has his talking points memorized.  When discussing a recent decision by the Texas School Board to deny criticisms of a new textbook’s dogmatic … Continue reading

  • Blind Cavefish Shed Light on Creation

      by Brian Thomas, M.S. *   How do fish that can see make the switch to blind cavefish, and should that process really be called “evolution”? This transformation fascinates biologists. Picture the scene—a normal-looking fish lays normal-looking eggs, but … Continue reading