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Category: Evolution

  • New Science Standards Preach Climate Hysteria, Evolution

    With the Obama administration-pushed Common Core nationalization of education sparking an unprecedented backlash among parents and teachers across the political spectrum, now would seem to be an especially bad time to foist even more radical “science” standards on American schools … Continue reading

  • Discover: Evolution Made Many Ridiculous Flightless Birds

    Watching an ostrich sprint across the plain like a mean two-legged dust mop, you might think a mistake has been made. Surely this isn’t one of evolution’s prouder moments? But new genetic evidence says that the group of birds including … Continue reading

  • What’s In a Day? Young vs Old Earth Creationism

    What’s in a day? That’s the big question when it comes to any interpretation of Genesis 1 that is not a literal, plain reading of the text. Taken at plainest reading, there is little getting around the fact that the … Continue reading

  • Ken Ham Fires Back at Pat Robertson

    Responding to Pat Robertson’s comments that Young Earth Creationists are “deaf, dumb and blind,” Ken Ham of the Creation Museum accused the CBN host of compromising Scripture and thus serving as “one of the biggest problems we have today in … Continue reading

  • Millions of Years of Evolution Equal Engineering?

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. * Increasing numbers of innovative researchers borrow from biology when they examine and incorporate living systems into man-made designs. We know how man-made designs originate— people design them. But what about living designs? Two recent biomimicry … Continue reading

  • The greatest hoax

    Jonathan Sarfati talks to Peter Hastie (First published in Australian Presbyterian magazine, Autumn 2012, pages 3–6; republished with permission.) Dr Jonathan Sarfati is the bestselling author of Refuting Evolution (more than 500,000 copies in print), Refuting Compromise and The Greatest Hoax on Earth? Refuting Dawkins on Evolution. This … Continue reading

  • Getting behind the evolution façade

    by David Catchpoole First, let’s set the scene for what transpired to become a memorable event in many ways. A church in a large Australian city contacted Creation Ministries International to request that one of their speakers (me, as it turned out) address … Continue reading

  • Quote of the Week: Mass murderer on evolution v. morality

    ‘If a person doesn’t think there is a God to be accountable to, then—then what’s the point of trying to modify your behaviour to keep it within acceptable ranges? That’s how I thought anyway. I always believed the theory of … Continue reading

  • How evolution is driving the clergy to atheism

    by Warren Nunn Atheists have fired another salvo in their ongoing assault on the Bible and, in particular, the truth of Genesis and its importance in the creation-evolution debate. This time it involves the recent publication of Caught In The Pulpit: Leaving … Continue reading

  • Americans Question the Big Bang

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. * A new poll revealed that 51 percent of Americans question the Big Bang theory, and 54 percent of Americans believe that the universe is so complex that there must have been a designer.1 Mainstream scientists are not happy … Continue reading

  • Has journalism been compromised in the creation-evolution debate?

    by Warren Nunn Do journalists objectively report science, or are they just not skeptical enough? When the creation-evolution debate gets an airing in the media, the dialogue is sometimes strident and most of the spite comes from the pro-evolution side. How … Continue reading

  • Did Jesus Evolve? Secularists Make Hay at Easter

    By: David Coppedge It’s Easter time.  That means the secularists are hatching and buzzing like cicadas with their latest attempts to debunk the Bible’s account of Christ and his miracles. With atheist billboards proclaiming “Jesus did not die for your … Continue reading

  • Hairy Science: Do Beards Evolve?

    By: David Coppedge Noting shifting fashions in men’s facial hair, some evolutionists are trying to link them to Darwinism. It’s not controversial that beards go in and out of style; they’re hip now, but may be on the way out.  What should … Continue reading

  • Bumming Herds of Hummingbirds into Evolution

    By: David Coppedge Any well-designed animal can be forced into an evolutionary story if you allow the rules to evolve, too. A new paper in Current Biology claims to organize the phylogeny of hummingbirds, those “iridescent… jewel-like” stars of Illustra Media’s film Flight: … Continue reading

  • Enceladus Ocean Means Dating Trouble, Not Life

    By: David Coppedge News media are jumping over an announcement that Saturn’s moon Enceladus may have a large body of water under its icy crust, but what does it mean? Cassini scientists, publishing in Science Magazine, announced indirect evidence (via Doppler … Continue reading

  • The Singapore Evolution Garden

    by Tas Walker Singapore is a modern city-state and island at a crossroads of trade, travel and communications. Located in southeast Asia, it’s a prosperous city renowned for its skyscrapers, metro system, restaurants and parks. In 2005, the Singapore Botanic Gardens … Continue reading

  • Quote of the Week: Spurgeon on evolution

    The great Baptist preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon, in his sermon ‘Hideous Discovery’, preached on July 25, 1886, made the following comment on evolution: ‘In its bearing upon religion this vain notion is, however, no theme for mirth, for it is … Continue reading

  • Cosmos 2.0 Repeats the Flaws of Cosmos 1.0

    By: David Coppedge Neil de Grasse Tyson is showing himself to be a good disciple of Carl Sagan, never questioning his master. A lot has changed in science since 1980, when Carl Sagan’s Cosmos first aired.  Inflation theory was brand new; punctuated … Continue reading

  • Arguments evolutionists should not use

    By: Don Batten We have a popular article titled, Arguments we think creationists should not use. Indeed, even many misotheistic evolutionists, including Richard Dawkins, have commended the existence of such a page. Well, as the saying goes, ‘What is good for the goose … Continue reading

  • Cosmologists Were Wrong About Galaxy Evolution

    By: David Coppedge Fifteen years ago, no cosmologist would have predicted mature galaxies early on, but they keep getting found – earlier and earlier. Astronomers just set a new record.  They found mature galaxies dated at just 1.6 billion years … Continue reading

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