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Category: Ethics

  • Religious or not, many Americans see a creator’s hand

    You don’t have to believe in God or identify with any religion to see a creator’s hand in human life and morality, suggests a new survey. LifeWay Research’s overall finding — that most Americans believe there is a creator who designed … Continue reading

  • Stephen Hawking: There is no God and computers will overtake humans in the next 100 years

    British physicist Stephen Hawking has said that there is no God and that computers will overtake humans within the next century. The 73 year old dismissed any notion that there is a God in an interview by stating that science … Continue reading

  • Doctor Sued for Saying No to Euthanasia

    I have been warning (with increasing intensity) about a pending medical martyrdom — forcing doctors to choose between killing and continuing in their profession — both from the contexts of statutory law and professional discipline. Now, in the Netherlands, we see a … Continue reading

  • Why did God create Satan?

    We’ve previously addressed many variations on the question, ‘why does a good God allow bad things?’ James C., from the U.S., asked for help answering another facet of the problem of evil—why God would make the devil. Dear CMI, I … Continue reading

  • Europe Bans Animal — Not Human — Cloning

    I am always amazed at how there is a great anger in Europe against technologies like plant GMOs, but far less outrage over the prospect of human genetic modification, in the early stages of implimentation. From The Indpendent story: The genetic manipulation of … Continue reading

  • Ideas (About Bioethics) Have Consequences

    When it comes to the healthcare system, we have a distinct and worsening problem of trust. People have noticed the increasing utilitarian bent in bioethics that values the lives of some patients over those of others, pushes medical rationing based … Continue reading

  • Quebec to MDs: Thou Shalt Kill!

    You went into medicine to be a healer and not a killer? Tough! Thou shalt kill. Those are not the exact words, but they are certainly the gist of what Quebec’s Minister of Health is threatening in the face of … Continue reading

  • The Link Between Scientific Racism and Abortion

    My friend and fellow pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is speaking out on Planned Parenthood’s siting of abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods: “Well, maybe I’m not objective when it comes to Planned Parenthood. But you know, I know who Margaret Sanger is, … Continue reading

  • Trafficking in Human Parts Nothing New

    Shocking videos of abortionists selling baby body parts is only the latest in a long line of Darwinian ethical barbarities. It always starts with good intentions. Biomedical researchers just want to help people. That’s how eugenics began; it’s embedded in … Continue reading

  • Chimps Are Still Chimps, Not Persons

    Good news on the human exceptionalism front: A New York trial judge has rejected the specious argument that chimpanzees are “persons” and should have human-type rights. But that shouldn’t make us sanguine since the judge expressed undue sympathy for the … Continue reading

  • More than In God’s Image

    I feel the continual need to defend the value of human life simply and merely because it is human. Why? Among other reasons, human exceptionalism is the necessary predicate to universal human rights and equality. If we don’t have objective … Continue reading

  • Science Site Rationalizes Sales of Baby Body Parts

    The video that shocked the nation—Planned Parenthood selling fetal organs—is whitewashed by a science website. This is a story about how evil can be spun to be not quite so evil. On Live Science, Rachael Rattner asks of Planned Parenthood, “How … Continue reading

  • In Europe, Euthanasia Is Not a Human Right

    Two cases were brought to the European Court of Human Rights, hoping for a Canada-style EU-wide imposition of euthanasia as a fundamental right. Case dismissed. From the story in the Telegraph: The European Court of Human Rights has rejected a right-to-die case … Continue reading

  • Is Artificial Intelligence Possible?

    Over the past half-century, Artificial Intelligence has been all the rage among computer scientists, and among many other scientists and philosophers and the general public. Can machines think? Is it possible that a computer could have intentions and desires and … Continue reading

  • Expanding the Kingdom? Are thriving churches influencing the surrounding culture?

    As I write, my inbox is full of emails from around the world on the so-called gay marriage debate. The current conservative UK government is moving to support same-sex unions; New Zealand just passed legislation legalizing same, and Australia seems likely … Continue reading

  • Creation in Isaiah

    The truth of creation is a theme running through the whole of the Holy Scriptures. In Genesis we have the basic statements of God creating the heavens and the earth in the beginning, and some details of His work in … Continue reading

  • Here’s the Intel; Stephen Hawking fears robots could wipe us out

    We have reported in Creation magazine that the famous physicist Stephen Hawking was concerned that tampering with the ‘God particle’ (Higgs boson) could end the world.1 Now he has issued another dire warning: mankind is doomed if artificial intelligence takes over because we … Continue reading

  • For Shame, Psychologists

    A psychologist points out the flaws in his field, including useless tropes that have utterly failed for decades. Dr. Thomas Scheff is ashamed of psychology for not understanding shame. Therein lies a conundrum. In his article for the UC Santa Barbara Current, … Continue reading

  • Humanists say their message is being suppressed

    Londoners have been exposed to a heavy dose of humanism through a ‘thought for the commute’ poster program which appeared throughout the public transport system. Sponsored by the British Humanist Association, the ‘thought-provoking’ posters—with the heading ‘What’s it all for?’—included … Continue reading

  • Science Should Be Politically Neutral

    Why do all the mainstream science journals and reporters give a leftist slant? That’s not very scientific. Science is supposed to be about “is” not “ought”. Individual scientists are free to have political opinions, but it is misleading and even … Continue reading

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