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Category: Ethics

  • UK hospitals heated by incinerated babies

    by Phil Robinson Hospital incinerators are now being compared with those used by the Nazis during the Holocaust. While the title of this article may read like something from a horror novel it is unfortunately very much true.The Telegraph1 has reported that … Continue reading

  • Science Without Ethics Is Dangerous

    By: David Coppedge Science cannot operate with ethics.  Ugly things can happen when scientists ignore ethical boundaries. Here’s a short reading list on why ethics matters in science. Scientific racism:  “Scientific racism” may sound like a contradiction in terms, but … Continue reading

  • Is Teaching Children Creation “Child Abuse”?

    By Eric Hovind The words we choose to use critically affect the psychological mind game played while opposing worldviews battle for their version of “truth.” For example, during the last four decades, we have observed the “Pro-Choice” vs. “Anti-Abortion” battle taking … Continue reading

  • Nobel Prize Winner Fights Tyranny of Big Scientific Journals

    He’s on a campaign to bring power to the people. Randy Schekman, a co-winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work in cell transport mechanisms, now has a powerful platform for speaking his mind.  In “How to break free … Continue reading

  • A&E, “Duck Dynasty,” GQ, & Homosexuality

    By Dave Miller, Ph.D. No doubt you’ve heard the brouhaha over the remarks of a member of the “Duck Dynasty” cast concerning homosexuality. Though we do not agree with all of the religious views of the Robertson family, the Christian … Continue reading

  • Is the Bible reliable as a historical record?

    Jack M., U.K. commented on the article Communicating truth with grace: Dear Lita, You make the observation that there is evidence that the Bible is historically accurate. However, there are many, many historians, Christian and otherwise, who present evidence that the … Continue reading

  • How can you have a white Christmas without snow?

    by Shari Abbott, Reasons for Hope When we think of a white Christmas we always think of snow covered scenes.  The Internet showcased numerous pictures last week of God’s city, Jerusalem, which was hit with a record-breaking, wintry storm producing … Continue reading

  • Abraham Lincoln on God and Government

    Whereas, the Senate of the United States, devoutly recognizing the Supreme Authority and just Government of Almighty God, in all the affairs of men and of nations, has, by a resolution, requested the President to designate and set apart a … Continue reading

  • Creation economics

    The economics of reality by Ian Hodge ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth … And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good’ Genesis 1:1,31. At the heart of every subject is the … Continue reading

  • Moral Mayhem Multiplied—Now, It’s Polygamy’s Turn

    By Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. As most Americans were thinking thoughts of Christmas cheer, a federal judge in Utah dropped a bomb on the institution of marriage, striking down the most crucial sections of the Utah statute outlawing polygamy. Last … Continue reading

  • Don’t hold the line—advance it!

    Defending the faith requires forward action by Gary Bates We all recognize that our culture today is not Christian. If we are totally honest, it’s primarily antichristian. The buzz word ‘tolerance’ is really just an excuse for ‘intolerance’ of Christianity and … Continue reading

  • Extreme Speculation Presented as Science

    By David Coppedge Things no one could possibly ever know are being reported by science journals and news sites as things worthy of scientific faith. Here are some far-out speculations coming from science sites recently: Asteroid that killed dinosaurs might … Continue reading

  • Got Scientism? Champions of “Science” All Leftists

    By David Coppedge The Union of Concerned Scientists’ list of champions only includes those who take far-left political stances on the issues. Live Science republished a list from the Union of Concerned Scientists by Seth Shulman, one of their senior staff … Continue reading

  • Faith not facts?

    by Tony Mator Have you ever been tempted to throw up your hands and say, “Let the scientists worry about the facts. All I need is my faith!” The surrender of the facts can feel liberating. It empowers us to boldly … Continue reading

  • Science Reporter Says Scientists Are Like Cattle

    By David Coppedge A science reporter lists several reasons why scientists are about as trustworthy as bankers. The Science and Technology Editor at The Conversation, Akshat Rathi, should know about scientists.  Not only does he hold that prestigious editorial position, he … Continue reading

  • It’s the season for giving

    The atheists think so too! by Gary Bates At this time of year we think about the greatest gift that mankind ever received—when the Creator became flesh in the humble birth of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. For centuries this … Continue reading

  • Scientist: Humans Evolved From Chimpanzee and Pig Mating

    Scientist and author Eugene M. McCarthy has proposed an hypothesis that humans evolved from a female chimpanzee and male pig mating. McCarthy reports, “Is it possible for a pig to hybridize with a chimpanzee? I have no way of knowing … Continue reading

  • German imperialism and the African Holocaust

    by Bill Johnson Imperialism, or extending a country’s power through military force, drew enormous strength from Darwin’s theory of evolution.1 Many European powers feared losing out in the struggle for existence and earnestly sought to expand their living space by colonizing far … Continue reading

  • On Ethical Gray Zones

    By David Coppedge Examples from World War II and the present illustrate that just because some people compromise ethics doesn’t mean ethics itself is a matter of opinion. Nazi ethics:  Philip Ball’s new book Serving the Reich: The Struggle for the Soul of … Continue reading

  • In the beginning God created—or was it a quantum fluctuation?

    by Dr Jonathan D. Sarfati In one sense, Genesis 1:1 is the most important verse in the Bible: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” If we can believe this verse, no other verse in the Bible should be a … Continue reading