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Category: Environment

  • NOAA: California drought not man-made

    Natural weather patterns, not man-made global warming, are causing the historic drought parching California, says a study out Monday from federal scientists. “It’s important to note that California’s drought, while extreme, is not an uncommon occurrence for the state,” said … Continue reading

  • When Liberals Use ‘Science’ To Attack Conservatives

    When I was in my early teens, I thought there would be no greater career than that which was depicted on “CSI: Miami.” You’d get to wear a suit without a tie, wander around southern Florida every day, shoot a … Continue reading

  • Coal-rich Poland ready to block EU climate deal

    European Union leaders meeting in Brussels to stamp their new, ambitious greenhouse gas emissions plan should prepare for unyielding opposition from coal-reliant Poland and other East European countries who say their developing economies and electricity bills would suffer too much … Continue reading

  • Jane Goodall among the flood of activists at NYC’s Climate March

    More than 310,000 people participated in People’s Climate March in New York City, making it the largest climate rally in history. They were joined by hundreds of thousands of other people who marched in similar events in 156 countries. Fusion’s … Continue reading

  • Texas proposes textbooks that deny manmade climate change

    Texas has proposed re-writing school text books to incorporate passages denying the existence of climate change and promoting the discredited views of an ultra-conservative think tank. The proposed text books – which come up for public hearing at the Texas … Continue reading

  • Oceans Slowed Pace of 21st Century Global Warming

    Newly published data suggest that a hiatus in rising global air temperatures in the 21st century is the result of heat sinks deep in the Atlantic and Southern oceans. The trend is likely connected to roughly 30-year global warming and … Continue reading

  • Study claims birds influence color of fruit

    Fruits can get their colors from a lot of places. New research suggests that the color preferences of the animals that eat fruit are among the strongest influences on fruit color. It’s an assumption scientists have always made, but now … Continue reading

  • C02 monitoring satellite finally in orbit

    A Delta II rocket blazed off the launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California early Wednesday morning to begin a landmark mission to survey carbon dioxide gas in Earth’s atmosphere. NASA’s most advanced spacecraft dedicated to studying the … Continue reading

  • Mormon Crickets Set to Make a Comeback

    Mormon crickets, which are big, dark colored insects that thrive in drought-like conditions, may now be making a comeback. In the recent years, Nevada has been blanketed by these crickets that devour crops, garden vegetables and even each other! It … Continue reading

  • One-Hour Oil Production

    By: Brian Thomas, M.S.* Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Washington State have pioneered a new technology that makes diesel fuel from algae—and their cutting-edge machine produces the fuel in just minutes. The recipe seems surprisingly straightforward: … Continue reading

  • Giant compound eyes, half a billion years ago?

    by Jonathan Sarfati We have already reported on the intriguing extinct giant invertebrate predator called Anomalocaris.1 This was a bit like a huge shrimp about 1-metre (3-foot) long (and it could grow to twice that), with spiked arms and a donut-shaped mouth full … Continue reading

  • Did Zebras Invent Their Own Stripes?

    By David Coppedge The explanations some evolutionists give for fur and feather patterns sound like tales of talking animals planning out their new fashion lines. Evolution tries to explain not just what is, but how it got that way.  The core of Darwin’s … Continue reading

  • Fulfilling the Genesis Mandate While Helping the Poor

    by James J. S. Johnson, J.D., Th.D. Aquaculture expert Jon Steeves recently helped an African community establish a fish farm to supply local food needs—a wonderful example of biblical multitasking through obeying the Genesis mandate while also serving and loving … Continue reading

  • Geologists Warming Up to Catastrophic Floods

    By David Coppedge Megafloods larger than anything seen today are better concepts for explaining certain features on Earth and Mars. and Live Science reported that megaflood theory is helping explain a large canyon in solid basalt in Idaho.  Niagara Falls is a … Continue reading

  • The bacterium that came in from the cold

    by Jonathan O’Brien Some animals live for 200 years or more, and there are trees which live much longer still.1,2 But here’s a story about an organism which, some scientists say, trumps them all. There have been several recent claims that scientists … Continue reading

  • Fossil Coral ‘Reefs’ Among Rock Strata

    by John D. Morris, Ph.D. In certain regions geologists find what appear to be fossilized coral reefs either buried in deep underground strata or exposed on the earth’s surface. If these reefs really took millions of years to form, they … Continue reading

  • Which Came First–the Spear or its Thrower?

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. Scientists age-dated a cache of stone-tipped throwing spears unearthed from Ethiopia’s Gademotta Formation at 280,000 years old. This find appears to pierce the conventional story of human evolution—a narrative about modern man evolving from some pre-human … Continue reading

  • ISON Died a Customary Comet Death

    By David Coppedge Comet ISON was not unusual for breaking up and sputtering to a fiery end.  That’s in comets’ nature. Hopes for a big show by the advertised “comet of the century” came to a dismal end as Comet ISON broke up after its … Continue reading

  • Look Up, Look Down at Natural Design

    By David Coppedge Swimmers, flyers, and things that just sit in the sun are the envy of bioengineers. Silent flyers:  How do owls sneak up on their prey in the dark?  The secrets of the near noiseless flight of owls … Continue reading

  • Cosmic Lottery: How Many Habitable Planets?

    By David Coppedge News media ran with a suggestion that one in five stars has a habitable planet, but they didn’t read the fine print. Here’s how it came out in the mainstream media: “One in five suns has habitable world: Astronomers … Continue reading

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