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Category: Education

  • Another case of academic fraud highlights cheating in the sciences

    By: Shane Cessna Many people think that science is about impartial observation and the reporting of facts. But scientists, like all human beings, have biases, agendas and belief systems that cause them to interpret facts in a certain way. It’s … Continue reading

  • The attack on biblical creation in UK schools continues

    By: Phil Robinson CMI have frequently published articles regarding the unbalanced way in which creationism is dealt with at Government level, and in some instances banned in the UK education system.1,2,3,4 Only a few weeks ago, we ran with an article, … Continue reading

  • Is Faithless Education Possible?

    Alan S., from the USA, comments on the article Faith, not facts: I find the article very interesting, but I find the author misses the point. When your teachers are not religiously motivated, they will teach only what there is physical … Continue reading

  • End Discriminatory Education Policies

    By: Tas Walker In October 2013 we drew attention to a new education policy about creation and intelligent design published by Education Queensland, Australia, for government schools. That policy said that Education Queensland does not recognize creationism and intelligent design as scientific … Continue reading

  • Creation in schools hits the headlines

    Attempts to ban critical thinking increase by Philip Bell Regular readers of our Prayer News and Creation magazine are only too familiar with the constant barrage of anti-biblical sentiment coming from skeptic activists. Tragically, the humanist camp are sometimes aided and abetted by professing Christians. … Continue reading

  • Permission to believe the Bible

    Tas Walker talks to Rev. Esa Hukkinen about Genesis, science and salvation In the last few years, Rev. Esa Hukkinen’s worldview has been turned on its head, profoundly affecting his family, his life and his ministry. He pastors a large Presbyterian church in … Continue reading

  • Faith not facts?

    by Tony Mator Have you ever been tempted to throw up your hands and say, “Let the scientists worry about the facts. All I need is my faith!” The surrender of the facts can feel liberating. It empowers us to boldly … Continue reading

  • Reporter Perpetuates Evolution Stereotypes in Texas Ed Article

    By David Coppedge AP reports are often multiplied uncritically across the world, even when their facts are wrong. The power of media to shape public perception about a subject through carefully crafted words and phrases is evident in an Associated Press … Continue reading

  • Did Whales Evolve From Land Mammals?

    By Paul Taylor London’s famous Natural History Museum has a display “proving” the evolution of the whale. In a glass case, one can see three skulls. From left to right, there is a skull of a mesonychid, a skull from … Continue reading

  • Ronald Reagan on Education and Morality

    ‘I can’t help but wonder, are we now seeing the fruit of education that predominantly throughout our country has stopped performing any teaching on the basis of moral principles or what is right or what is wrong?’   American President … Continue reading

  • Biblical geology at the national worldview conference at Gold Coast

    By Tas Walker I’ll be presenting at the National Christian Apologetics and Worldview Conference to be held on the Gold Coast, Australia, from Thur 7th to Sat 9th November. It’s a great program that goes to the heart of many issues confronting the Western … Continue reading

  • Creationism as “Contamination”

    By David Coppedge Some evolutionists see anything less than 100% pure Darwinism as a kind of contamination, like unpasteurized milk, a threat to public health. Andy Coghlan wrote for New Scientist, “Texas Creationism Showdown May ‘Contaminate’ Textbook.”  It appears that the … Continue reading

  • Discriminatory state education policy seeks to censor science teaching

    by Tas Walker In 2013, the Department of Education, Training and Employment in Queensland, Australia, issued a Fact Sheet on the teaching of creationism and intelligent design in Queensland government schools. This fact sheet is ambiguous, confusing, discriminatory, scientifically flawed, and should be removed. While … Continue reading

  • ICR’s School of Biblical Apologetics: A Different Approach

    by James J. S. Johnson, J.D., Th.D. The Christian world overflows with schools and seminaries that teach the particulars of the Bible. So why did the Institute for Creation Research open its own apologetics school in 2009? For the simple … Continue reading

  • Eugenie Scott on Students and Evolution

    “In my opinion, using creation and evolution as topics for critical-thinking exercises in primary and secondary schools is virtually guaranteed to confuse students about evolution and may lead them to reject one of the major themes in science.” Eugenie Scott, … Continue reading

  • Socialized Education Slipping In Under Parental Radar

    By David Coppedge Common Core and NGSS are recent attempts to nationalize public education, stifle parental choice, and marginalize private and home schools.  It happened as most parents slept, but some are just now beginning to wake up and feel what hit … Continue reading

  • The Cultural Revolution on the College Campus—Why it Matters to You

    By Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. Several  years ago, sociologist Peter Berger argued that secularization has been most pervasive in two social locations—Western Europe and the American college and university campus. The campuses of elite educational institutions are among the most … Continue reading

  • The Grasshopper Geologist

    by Scott Gillis It might surprise you to find out that our children’s book, Exploring Geology with Mr. Hibb is currently one of our best-selling resources. So why would a children’s book featuring a curious grasshopper be such a hit? Because young and … Continue reading

  • Turmoil in Scotland Over A.P. Books

    By Kyle Butt, M.A. Many of us were shocked to read an article featured on the front page of Scotland’s The Daily Record that ran on September 6, 2013. The article was titled: “Parents’ Outrage as Extremist US Religious Cult Hand Out … Continue reading

  • Theologian: Genesis means what it says!

    Jonathan Sarfati interviews Old Testament scholar Dr Robert McCabe Robert V. McCabe, M.Div., Th.M., Th.D., earned his Th.D. degree at Grace Theological Seminary in 1985 in Old Testament Languages and Literature. He joined the faculty of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary in 1983 … Continue reading