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  • Blanchard: Evolution is unquestionably happening

    When people joyously discover on Ancestry.com that they’re related to, say, a medieval archduke or a notorious Victorian criminal, evolutionary biologists may be permitted to snicker. Because in actuality, we are all related: Humans all share at least one common … Continue reading

  • Nobel Prize Winner Fights Tyranny of Big Scientific Journals

    He’s on a campaign to bring power to the people. Randy Schekman, a co-winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work in cell transport mechanisms, now has a powerful platform for speaking his mind.  In “How to break free … Continue reading

  • New ICR Research Associate: Vernon R. Cupps

    Vernon R. Cupps believed that God created the universe and that Darwinian evolution was inconsistent with the Bible and science since he was young. But he didn’t give much consideration to a recent creation of the universe until about a … Continue reading

  • How can you have a white Christmas without snow?

    by Shari Abbott, Reasons for Hope When we think of a white Christmas we always think of snow covered scenes.  The Internet showcased numerous pictures last week of God’s city, Jerusalem, which was hit with a record-breaking, wintry storm producing … Continue reading

  • Dr. David Livingston, ABR Founder, At Home With Christ

    by ABR Staff EXCERPT Dear Faithful ABR Supporters: It is with both sorrow and joy that we share with you the passing of our beloved friend and founder of ABR, Dr. David Livingston (1925-2013). Dave passed into the presence of Jesus around … Continue reading

  • Plumbing and Paradigms

    by Marc Ambler A few years ago we started to get a terrible stench in our main bathroom at home. It varied in intensity but was sometimes an overpowering smell of burnt hair. We have a septic tank system on our … Continue reading

  • THEY’RE BAAAAACK!: The American Atheists’ Christmas Billboard 2013

    by Gordon Franz MA EXCERPT During the Christmas season of 2010 there was a billboard in New Jersey on one of the approaches to the Lincoln Tunnel to New York City. It had three wise men riding their camels in the … Continue reading

  • Obvious Things Scientists Are “Discovering”

    By David Coppedge Do we really need scientists to tell us the obvious? On the one hand, but on the other:  Medical Xpress wrote in a bold headline, “Some see work as a calling, others say it’s just a job.”  Maybe a … Continue reading

  • Render unto Caesar or unto God? Government Funding and the Crisis of Conscience

    By Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world (James 1:27). Back in 1869, Baptists in … Continue reading

  • Does Song of Solomon Mention Muhammad?

    By Dave Miller, Ph.D. Islamic apologists have attempted to bolster the credibility of their beliefs by claiming that the Bible, itself, makes reference to the coming of the prophet Muhammad. Ironically, this claim comes even in the face of the … Continue reading

  • What You Know Just Ain’t So: Evolution

    by Michael Peroutka A man known as Josh Billings, one of the leading American humorists during the second half of the nineteenth century, once said this: “It ain’t what a man don’t know that makes him a fool…It’s all the things he does know…that just … Continue reading

  • Respect for Alfred Russel Wallace: Too Little, Too Late

    By David Coppedge On the 100th anniversary of his death, Alfred Russel Wallace is getting a smattering of attention, but not nearly what Darwin gets every day.  Perhaps it’s because the co-discoverer of natural selection believed in intelligent design. In Live … Continue reading

  • To find the maker of the motor …

    by Renton Maclachlan Ayn1 Rand (died 1982) was a Russian-born American novelist who founded the philosophical school called ‘Objectivism’ and the ethical system known as ‘Objectivist Ethics’. These she asserted were based on rational and logical deductions from reality. She built on … Continue reading

  • Falling on Deaf Ears?—Why So Many Churches Hear So Little of the Bible

    Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. It is well and good for the preacher to base his sermon on the Bible, but he better get to something relevant pretty quickly, or we start mentally to check out.” That stunningly clear sentence … Continue reading

  • George and Barbara Witness a Wedding—When a Private Act Sends a Public Message

    By Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. Former President George H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara attended a wedding a few days ago, and it made national news. According to The Washington Post, the elder Bushes attended the wedding of Bonnie Clement and … Continue reading

  • Islam, Christianity, Atheism, and the Origin of Science

    by Gary DeMar If we are to believe evolutionists like Richard Dawkins, religion is the enemy of science. He’s not the first atheist to make this claim. But when Dawkins speaks these days, people listen and react. For example, this tweet … Continue reading

  • The Cultural Revolution on the College Campus—Why it Matters to You

    By Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. Several  years ago, sociologist Peter Berger argued that secularization has been most pervasive in two social locations—Western Europe and the American college and university campus. The campuses of elite educational institutions are among the most … Continue reading

  • What Would You Think?

    by Michael Eggleton What would you think about someone who claimed to hold to a certain set of rules, ethics or morals, but then clearly displayed by their own actions that they didn’t truly believe those claims? What would you think … Continue reading

  • Evolution is Not Science

    by Mitch Cervinka, M.A. Mathematics There are several fundamental characteristics that identify a field of study as being “scientific“. Genuine science is objective and invites scrutiny and investigation.  It does not ridicule the critics of its conclusions, but instead silences their criticisms … Continue reading

  • Political Correctness and “Bashing”

    by Dave Miller, Ph.D. The adverse impact of “political correctness” on American culture cannot be overstated. Its sinister influence has been monumental and subversive in the extent to which it has reshaped American values, literally driving the population farther away from its … Continue reading

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