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Category: Creation Worldviews

  • The ideas of Teilhard De Chardin

    Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s most obvious claim to fame was his overwhelming acceptance of evolution, and an unquestionable passion to try to fit Christianity into it. He was born in Auvergne, France, in 1881 and entered the Catholic Society of … Continue reading

  • Boondoggle on Mars Produces Zilch and Hype

    American taxpayers are forced to spend billions of dollars on boondoggles sent to Mars because evolutionists figure that if they can just find signs of life on Mars, they can forever silence Christians and orthodox Jews, who annoy them. “Special … Continue reading

  • From Christianity to Atheism, and Back

    God really does work in mysterious and profound ways. I grew up in a Christian environment and was heavily involved in its culture. I prayed a prayer for salvation when I was five, eight, and eleven and was baptized twice. … Continue reading

  • ‘From the beginning of creation’—what did Jesus mean?

    Not everyone welcomes this news, but some of Jesus’ statements imply, of necessity, that the world is young. This is something I regularly point out when I speak in churches about creation, and it is a theme on which we … Continue reading

  • ICR Featured in The Dallas Morning News

    The Institute for Creation Research was featured on the front page of the August 15, 2014, edition of The Dallas Morning News in an article that contrasts the evolutionary story with young-earth creationism. The report by Morning News’ Scott Farwell … Continue reading

  • Christian leaders who uphold Genesis

    The modern creation movement is mostly driven by those with primarily scientific qualifications. Some of a theological bent argue that we scientists don’t understand the ‘genre’ of Genesis (i.e. we are theological ignoramuses) and that Genesis is not meant to … Continue reading

  • Bryan College president is certain creationism stand was essential

    He went back to Bryan College’s founding documents, even the last will and testament of William Jennings Bryan. And President Stephen Livesay says there’s no question in his mind that the nondenominational college has always stood firm in its belief … Continue reading

  • Who is intolerant: creationists or evolutionary theologians?

    It’s no longer easy to be a faithful Christian in America, says Dr. Robert P. George, chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. Our culture increasingly condemns Christian beliefs as bigoted and hateful: “They despise us if we … Continue reading

  • Ken Ham Fires Back at Pat Robertson

    Responding to Pat Robertson’s comments that Young Earth Creationists are “deaf, dumb and blind,” Ken Ham of the Creation Museum accused the CBN host of compromising Scripture and thus serving as “one of the biggest problems we have today in … Continue reading

  • Responses to an apostate friend

    A supporter named Jonathon wrote seeking help in answering an apostate friend who said the evidence for evolution caused him to abandon his Christian faith. Dr Jonathan Sarfati’s comments are interspersed in his correspondence. Hi there, The work that you … Continue reading

  • Who is listening?

    by Warwick Armstrong After a hard morning kicking the tyres of many unaffordable exotic vehicles at Sydney’s annual car show, Peter and I settled down for a restorative lunch at a pleasant outdoor restaurant at Darling Harbour. Peter is a staunch … Continue reading

  • Millions of Years of Evolution Equal Engineering?

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. * Increasing numbers of innovative researchers borrow from biology when they examine and incorporate living systems into man-made designs. We know how man-made designs originate— people design them. But what about living designs? Two recent biomimicry … Continue reading

  • Why You Should Visit AIG’s Creation Museum

    By: David Coppedge The Creation Museum in Kentucky is a treat for the whole family. Answer in Genesis (AIG) built its Creation Museum in 2007 and has now counted its two millionth visitor.  Not far from the Cincinnati airport, and within a day’s … Continue reading

  • The greatest hoax

    Jonathan Sarfati talks to Peter Hastie (First published in Australian Presbyterian magazine, Autumn 2012, pages 3–6; republished with permission.) Dr Jonathan Sarfati is the bestselling author of Refuting Evolution (more than 500,000 copies in print), Refuting Compromise and The Greatest Hoax on Earth? Refuting Dawkins on Evolution. This … Continue reading

  • Young Galaxy Mature for Its Age

    By: David Coppedge Remote galaxy that should be young looks well-behaved and mature, “truly surprising” astronomers. Using the Herschel Space Telescope, astronomers at Jet Propulsion Laboratory have identified a “young” galaxy that looks mature, according to a JPL press release.  Because of … Continue reading

  • Catching a kinkajou

    by David Catchpoole Researcher Roland Kays had a problem. His task: to find out more about the elusive kinkajou (Potos flavus), or ‘honey bear’.1,2 People knew that it slept all day in tree holes in the tropical rainforests of Central and South … Continue reading

  • Birds’ Built-In Defenses Fend Off Radiation

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. * It has been 28 years since Chernobyl’s nuclear power plant suffered a catastrophic meltdown in Ukraine. People are still not permitted to live near it because radiation levels remain dangerous, but plants and animals long … Continue reading

  • Origin of Life Studies Show Signs of Desperation

    By: David Coppedge There is no coherent origin of life scenario among evolutionists, just a collection of odd possibilities – some bordering on the absurd. Deep-sixing the deep sea vent hypothesis:  Astrobiology Magazine, ever eager to justify its evidence-free subject, shows … Continue reading

  • News About Bird Evolution

    By: David Coppedge We’ve just heard about some amazing birds.  Now, what to secular scientists say about how they evolved? Secular scientists are chained to the idea that birds evolved from dinosaurs.  Many say that birds are dinosaurs.  Under that conviction, they … Continue reading

  • Three’s Company, but Two’s a Cloud?

    by Brian Thomas, M.S., and Jason Lisle, Ph.D. * It’s not a planet, nor a comet, but the faraway object named 2012 VP113 now joins Sedna as only the second member of what secularists term the “inner Oort cloud.” First, can we really … Continue reading

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