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Category: Creation Scientists

  • Craters, radiohalos, and ‘geologic time’

    This week’s feedback is an example of how CMI can help creationists faced with long-age arguments, whether from atheists or their churchian allies, theistic evolutionists. While the questions below concern specifics, we explain how to answer both these specifics and the underlying assumptions behind … Continue reading

  • Former Junk DNA Candidate Proves Indispensable

    by Jeffrey Tomkins, Ph.D. Some of the primary candidates for being labeled “Junk DNA” have been the highly repetitive regions of the genome that, after years of study, seemed to have no discernable function despite the fact they were found … Continue reading

  • Your Cells Work for You

    By: David Coppedge At a cellular level, the human body has a dizzying array of workers.  Here are a few recent examples discovered. Most of us are completely unaware of what goes on in each cell of our bodies.  If … Continue reading

  • Design in Australian plants—The Australian Greenhood Orchid

    It’s small and lives inconspicuously among the grasses of swamplands and is pollinated by gnats. Although the flowers are a dull non-eyecatching green, the engineering constructions by which it achieves its primary purpose of pollination are extremely impressive. The flower … Continue reading

  • Fossil Plant Soft Tissue Didn’t Evolve

    By: David Coppedge Original material in a fossil has been detected, this time from a leaf that is identical to modern leaves despite an alleged 50 million years. Shouldn’t the evolutionists have been astonished?  According to a press release from … Continue reading

  • Moons Origin and Age Solved?

    By: David Coppedge A number of popular articles are claiming the moon’s age is all but solved, until one reads below the headlines. When Nature published a new paper that added a piece of evidence to models that the moon formed by … Continue reading

  • Dual-Gene Code Discovery Highlights Designed Biocomplexity

    by Jeffrey Tomkins, Ph.D. * Recent evidence of dual codes in the protein-coding sections of genes raised the bar on our understanding of genome complexity.1,2 Now a new study is showing that the control regions of genes contain dual codes as … Continue reading

  • Giant Pterosaurs Flew Over Paluxy Dinosaur Tracks

    By: David Coppedge Recent dinosaur findings provide glimpses into the ecology of dinosaurs, with lessons for scientific inference. Paluxy River tracks Older creationists may remember the flap in the 1980s over alleged human tracks with dinosaur tracks in the Paluxy … Continue reading

  • Water Theories Dry Up

    By: David Coppedge Theories for how Earth got its water are parched for evidence, except for the tears of secular astronomers. According to Genesis, the earth began as a watery chaos not that long ago, so water was paramount from … Continue reading

  • Going Paleo

    Archaeologists excavating at the Nesher quarry in Israel have discovered a prehistoric site containing an extraordinarily large number of animal bones. The site, located near the city of Ramla, 14 miles southeast of Tel Aviv, is believed to have been settled … Continue reading

  • New Genetic-Clock Research Challenges Millions of Years

    by Nathaniel T. Jeanson, Ph.D. * Does a 6,000-year-old earth match the findings of modern science? Secular scientists have answered forcefully in the negative for generations. However, their arguments rest on the assumption of constant natural processes and constant rates, … Continue reading

  • Casting New Light on Petra

    By: Robin Ngo    Originating as a nomadic tribe in northern Arabia, the Nabataeans settled into semi-permanence in the area of Petra in the late fourth century B.C. As described in the Bible History Daily feature “Solving the Enigma of Petra and the Nabataeans,” the … Continue reading

  • The Search for Noah’s Flood

    By: Ronald S. Hendel    This article was originally published in the June 2003 issue of Bible Review. Every BR article ever published is available in the BAS Library. On my wall is a newspaper headline proclaiming, “Noah’s Ark Found in Pennsylvania! Scientist: Old … Continue reading

  • Bizarre Animal Discoveries

    By: David Coppedge Strange things have been coming to light about animals we knew and animals we didn’t; bizarre animals, and normal animals with bizarre traits. Ocean dandelion:  At The Conversation, Rebecca Helm was intrigued by the “ocean dandelion,” a creature … Continue reading

  • Mind-Boggling Complexity in the Fruit Fly Transcriptome

    by Jeffrey Tomkins, Ph.D. * The humble fruit fly that has been at the heart of genetic studies for nearly 100 years continues to amaze scientists and defy simplistic evolutionary predictions. A research team recently evaluated the diversity of gene … Continue reading

  • Fossil Facts and Fantasies

    By: David Coppedge The stories told about some fossils raise more questions than answers, even with top Darwin spin doctors in the operating room. Aquatic sloths:  Live Science has some comments about the “aquatic sloths” that were found with those Chile whale … Continue reading

  • New Archaeology Library Planned in Jerusalem

    By: Noah Wiener  The new IAA campus will include the largest archaeological library in the middle east. Image: Safdie Architects, via the IAA. The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced the planned construction of the Mandel National Archaeological Archives and the Mandel … Continue reading

  • Cat Whiskers and Narwhal Tusks: Why Things Are

    By: David Coppedge In the animal world, unique features often have well-designed functions. Why cats whisk:  Cat whiskers are not just for looks, like a man’s beard and moustache.  In cats, mice and other mammals, they connect to sensitive neurons … Continue reading

  • Carbon Cycle Keeps Earth from Fate of Venus, Mars

    By: David Coppedge Another delicate balance making Earth habitable has been identified: the carbon cycle. It’s the “Goldilocks principle” again.  Too much or too little would not be just right, but deadly.  According to Science Daily, USC scientists found Earth sits in another … Continue reading

  • Qumran Phylacteries Reveal Nine New Dead Sea Scrolls

    By: Noah Wiener The thousands of fragments of Biblical text that comprise the Dead Sea Scrolls have shed light on the origins of early Christian thought, the development of the Hebrew Bible and the history of Judaic beliefs from the third century … Continue reading