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Category: Anthropology

  • More Discoveries Contradict Human Evolution Story

    By David Coppedge As more findings fail to fit the Darwinian picture, the evolutionary story of man appears to be unraveling. Hand me the tools:  A hand bone from Kenya is telling evolutionists that human-like gripping hands, ready for tool … Continue reading

  • Best Creation News of 2013: Human Origins

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. The popular notion that humans evolved from ape-like ancestors took several heavy hits this past year—both from secular and creation-friendly research—confirming that God created man in His image according to Genesis. Three major pillars supporting a … Continue reading

  • Oldest Human DNA Can’t Be As Old As They Think

    By R. L. David Jolly If you believe one of the latest reports from a group of researchers, Adam and Eve could not be real people and the Genesis account of creation is nothing more than a religious myth. Working … Continue reading

  • Awe, Shucks: Backwards Causation in Scientific Explanation

    By David Coppedge Is it the emotion of awe that creates belief in the supernatural, or is it the other way around? Intent on giving naturalistic explanations for everything, psychologists cannot bear the thought that a real God exists who … Continue reading

  • Ho-Hum; Paleoanthropologists Confused Again

    By David Coppedge Upsets are so common in evolutionary studies of human ancestry, bystanders might well ask how often they find anything worth believing. “Hominin DNA baffles experts” reads a headline on Nature News, one of a slurry of reports about the genome deciphered … Continue reading

  • Javelin Upsets Early Man Timeline

    By David Coppedge A well-crafted spear point for a javelin is dated way too early for the current evolutionary timeline. National Geographic announced the find in Ethiopia with a picture of a nicely carved spear point dated at 280,000 years in … Continue reading

  • New ‘Human’ Fossil Borders on Fraud

    by Brian Thomas, M.S. An international team of paleoanthropologists reported discovering the earliest human fossils found outside Africa at a dig in the country of Georgia.1 The team told Science that one specimen, “skull 5,” is so different from other humans that it … Continue reading

  • Human-like Fossil Menagerie Stuns Scientists

    by Brian Thomas, M.S., & Frank Sherwin, M.A. An international team of scientists made a stunning and controversial discovery from an archaeological site in Dmanisi, a small town in the country of Georgia, that is forcing some scientists to unlearn everything they … Continue reading

  • New Dmanisi skull threatens to bring the house down

    by Peter Line Figure 1. Cranium D4500 unearthed in Dmanisi, Georgia. Cranial capacity estimated at ~546 cc. Along with its mandible (D2600) they together are known as Skull 5. Details of a remarkable fifth Dmanisi cranium (D4500), recovered from a site … Continue reading

  • ‘Missing link’ misconceptions

    What does the term ‘missing link’ mean? Is it helpful, or misleading? Do evolutionists need to find multiple fossils of both sexes to establish an evolutionary link? What about ‘minimum breeding sizes’? CMI’s Dr Carl Wieland clears up these and other questions … Continue reading

  • Our shrinking brains

    by Carl Wieland Thousands of years ago, humans had bigger brains. That conclusion was reached after researchers showed that ancient human skulls from Europe, the Middle East and Asia had an average brain capacity of 1500 cubic centimetres, compared to today’s … Continue reading

  • Evolutionary psychology: explaining everything … and nothing

    Tristan M. from Canada writes: Hello again! So it seems that I have landed myself in another origins debate (not that I am complaining; it can be fun). I put forward question 13 from the ‘15 Questions for evolutionists’ (“Where … Continue reading

  • Wrong Again: Several Species of Homo Collapse Into One

    By David Coppedge A well-preserved complete skull from Dmanisi, Georgia, has ignited a firestorm, threatening to declassify various claimed species of Homo into one, Homo erectus. A paper in Science by Lordkipanidze et al. has upset the applecart of human evolution again.  (Evolutionists are … Continue reading

  • More Reasons to Doubt the Evolutionary Caveman Story

    By David Coppedge Complex behaviors showing foresight and planning are adding to a long list of contradictions to evolutionary explanations about “brute” ancestors. Caveman recycling plan:  Studies in an Israel cave supposedly dating 1.3 million years old show its inhabitants … Continue reading

  • Sherpa Fitness Is Not Evolution

    By David Coppedge A study about mutations that might confer benefit to high-altitude Sherpas is being announced as an example of evolution, but variation within species is not Darwinian evolution. Science Daily said that two mutations have been found in the … Continue reading

  • Bach to the Feature: Music More Cognitive Than Language

    By David Coppedge The ability for the human mind to gauge hierarchical structures in music over the span of lengthy works suggests that we exercise greater cognition in that skill than in language. Music is an evolutionary enigma (1/05/01, 12/13/04, 5/19/08, 5/28/09 #10, 1/15/10 #2, 7/06/12) … Continue reading

  • An Update on Chromosome 2 ‘Fusion’

    by Nathaniel T. Jeanson, Ph.D. Did humans inherit their DNA sequence from an ape-like ancestor? One of the common evolutionary arguments for shared ancestry between humans and chimpanzees is the existence of a so-called human “chromosome 2 fusion.” But what … Continue reading

  • Evolutionists Surprised Ancient Man Used Spices To Cook With

    By R. L. David Jolly According to evolutionists, man evolved over several million years. He was thought to be just an upright walking ape that was still primitive, had no real language and nearly the mental capacity of modern man.  … Continue reading

  • The dating game

    by Tas Walker In western New South Wales, Australia, part of a semi-arid desert has been set aside as a World Heritage area.1 This may seem curious for such an inhospitable region. But there is a good reason. Evolutionists believe that the … Continue reading

  • Meet Your New Teacher, Prof. Neanderthal

    By David Coppedge Far from being dumb brutes stuck in caves, Neanderthals may have taught modern people techniques that are still used today. Researchers reported in PNAS the discovery of finessed bone tools at a Neanderthal site that previously were only known … Continue reading