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Category: Aliens

  • NASA pours $50M into research on the origins of life

    According to a statement released on Monday, NASA will soon be funding a massive effort to understand life in the universe. The federal space agency will be giving $50 million away in five-year grants to seven different research teams nationwide. … Continue reading

  • NASA’s Far-Out Search for Life

    With lofty words about humanity’s future, NASA promoters discussed the hope of discovering life on other planets at a recent meeting in NASA headquarters in Washington. Despite billions of dollars spent on the decades-long search and the fact that not … Continue reading

  • Fantasizing About Alien Contact

    By: David Coppedge The only evidence of alien intelligence is inside the imaginations of evolutionary scientists and their reporters. Alien evolution:  PhysOrg fantasizes about what aliens look like.  Whatever they have, it must have evolved.  “An alien might have four limbs, just like we humans,” … Continue reading

  • Astrobiolo-SETI: Science or Fantasy?

    By: David Coppedge Fantastical scenarios with no evidence – sometimes contrary to evidence – continue to get good publicity in science venues. Imagining Dyson Spheres:  No one has ever seen a Dyson sphere (a theoretical way for an alien civilization … Continue reading

  • How to deal with experiencers

    After reading Gary Bates’s Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection, Don S. emailed CMI as follows: Hi, Alien Intrusion (6th printing 2011) is one of the best books I have read. Yes, churches should be abductees’ best sanctuary.But you give no … Continue reading

  • Does Scripture Refer to Life in Outer Space?

    Some people think that the Bible records that spirit beings, both good and evil, are to be found in space. Ephesians 6:12 refers to “spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms,” and Daniel 10:12-13 gives us a glimpse of … Continue reading

  • NASA Astrobiologists Draw Comics on the Job

    By David Coppedge A federally-funded NASA website about astrobiology has just launched an evolutionary comic strip.  Is this an appropriate use of taxpayer funds? “The Abominable Snow Aliens of Europa” was announced by NASA’s Astrobiology Magazine on November 4.  This was not the first … Continue reading

  • SETI: Looking for Cosmic Outposts

    By David Coppedge The stellar radio dial has been silent, but maybe we could look for alien interstellar outposts. Astrobiology Magazine dredged up the old Pioneer plaque drawing, appropriately cropped, along with UFO artwork, to accompany a new search strategy by Michael Gillon … Continue reading

  • You’re Not Weird, You’re A Martian

    by R. L. David Jolly Evolutionists have long held that life here on earth started in some puddle of water and chemicals that was struck by lightning, creating complex molecules including amino acids.  Those amino acids began to combine with … Continue reading

  • Sirius the documentary

    Is the Atacama mummified body really an ET? by Gary Bates We’ve received several inquiries over the last few months about the lead claim in this alleged documentary. As a researcher in this area, I frequently get sent links to articles … Continue reading

  • Alien Skeleton is Human After All

    By R. L. David Jolly Television and movies bombard us with the evolutionary idea that there are intelligent beings living on other planets and that they have visited the earth on numerous occasions.  Some go so far as to suggest … Continue reading

  • SETI, Said He, Isn’t Ready, Said She

    By David Coppedge The search for extra-terrestrial intelligence is like a detective story without a body.  All those new planets, but no signal—at least not one that most scientists will accept. SETI has fallen on hard times.  News reports seem to … Continue reading

  • Reading between the lines

    by Don Batten I visited China in 1983, at the time when the cult of Mao was just beginning to loosen its grip on that country. However, Communist party cadres still very much controlled everything, and the minders for my visit … Continue reading

  • Rapping for the Creator

    A contemporary Christian group takes it to the streets Gary Bates chats with Dave and Donovan of the rap group Destiny Lab. As young men, Dave and Donovan1 experienced for themselves the deleterious effects of evolutionary teaching on young minds. That’s why they feel called … Continue reading

  • NASA shock: ET from Earth

    Life on other planets would be Ex-Terrestrial, not Extra-Terrestrial by David Catchpoole The American space agency NASA adeptly draws attention to its space exploration program by linking it to the quest to find alien life.1 Its periodic announcements about potential extra-terrestrial life certainly … Continue reading

  • Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking: Aliens

    by Russell Grigg Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking is a Discovery channel TV mini-series written by British physicist Stephen Hawking, It premiered in the USA and the UK in 2010, and is currently being shown in Australia on SBS-TV.1 In the episode, Aliens, Prof. Hawking looks … Continue reading

  • Lifting the Veil on the UFO Phenomenon

    Gary Bates on fellow ‘abduction’ researcher Joe Jordan Though Joe Jordan’s ministry might easily be misunderstood by some Christians, his specialty in the UFO phenomenon is actually a subset of the creation vs evolution debate. Joe was initially led astray in this area by … Continue reading

  • Other Possible Mechanisms for Abiogenesis and Evolution?

    Today’s feedback looks at the possibility of different mechanisms for evolution, and Dr Jonathan Sarfati shows why how what we know from chemistry and physics works against abiogenesis, and what we know about biology works against evolution. Mitchell R. from the United … Continue reading

  • Will Nibiru Collide With Earth?

    by Gary Bates and Lita Cosner We have had several enquiries about ‘Nibiru’ or ‘Planet X’, the planet or ‘brown dwarf’ rumored to be on a collision path with earth in December 2012. For instance, Jane P. from Australia asked: Can you tell … Continue reading

  • What If NASA Finds Life On Mars?

    Once again we find the science news buzzing with images of the surface of Mars.  I heard one late night comedian say that Mars looked just like California, dry, barren and full of hidden aliens. While the description may have … Continue reading

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