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Category: Age of the Earth

  • Water in the Moon! ‘Wholly unexpected’ says secular science

    Scientists at the University of Michigan have made an important discovery—they’ve found a lot of water in rocks that derive from deep inside the interior of the moon. The water is chemically ‘bound up’ within the moon rock.1 Today’s dominant secular theory … Continue reading

  • Pioneer of creationism An interview with geologist Clifford Burdick

    This article was originally published in Creation magazine in 1987, and is now being given prominence as a web front page feature because of its archival value. Clifford Burdick was an important pioneering identity in biblical Geology and this interview with him … Continue reading

  • Dr Carl Wieland retires after four decades

    For the informed creationist it’s hard to imagine anyone who will leave a greater legacy on biblical (‘young-earth’) creation in recent times than Dr Carl Wieland (b. 1950). He will retire from full-time creation ministry on 6 March 2015. While it had been the historic … Continue reading

  • Were stars created in creation week?

    Kenneth M. from New Zealand criticizes one of our classic articles, Morning has broken but when?, which refutes modified soft gap theories that make stars much older than the earth rather than Day 4 creations as God’s Word teaches. In particular, … Continue reading

  • Defending young earth is not biblical?

    A New Zealand correspondent who supports our ministry has expressed doubts about whether the Bible teaches a young earth and Dr Carl Wieland responds. I am an evangelist … and really endorse your ministry. You give me the tools I need to counter … Continue reading

  • The Universe Next Door: Scientism in the Age of Obama, pt. 3

    On this episode of ID the Future, Dr. John West, author of the newly updated book Darwin Day in America, continues his conversation with Tom Woodward about the threat of “totalitarian” science. Listen inn as Dr. West gives current examples of the … Continue reading

  • Lost Civilizations : Human History Hidden in Plain Sight

    New imaging techniques have revealed extensive ancient human settlements in two very different remote environments. Sahara civilization: By scanning satellite images, David Mattingly from the University of Leicester found that habitation of the Sahara from 1000 BC to 700 AD was much more widespread … Continue reading

  • Lithium deposits at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

    Today’s feedback comes from Alfred K. of Australia asking about Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni and the origin of the lithium deposits there. It is answered by CMI geologist Dr Tas Walker. To me, Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni salt flats seem to … Continue reading

  • Snakes Have Always Been Snakes

    It’s an old story. An animal or plant is discovered in sedimentary rocks by paleontologists and it pushes the organism’s origin further back by many millions of years—but it’s always a plant or animal already known to science. Granted, some … Continue reading

  • Thinking about chronology

    Archaeologists will periodically announce findings of ancient civilizations which they ‘date’ to many thousands of years old. But with a few ‘rules of thumb’ outlined below, you can have a good idea where to fit any ancient civilizations into a … Continue reading

  • Creation Science: Old Earth vs. Young Earth

    Viewers of the Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate on Tuesday were left with the impression that Christians, or creationists in particular, all hold to a young earth view. The debate, however, ignored other Christian perspectives, most notably “old earth … Continue reading

  • The frilled shark . . . is still a shark

    On January 21, 2015 the news broke—an Australian fisherman hooked a “living fossil.” Called the frilled (or frill) shark (genus Chlamydoselachus, belonging to Order Hexanchiformes), this creature was thought to be 80 million years old.1 It looks mighty frightening, but is it … Continue reading

  • Fossil range extensions continue

    Archaeological and palaeontological activity results in a continuous flow of new discoveries that are often subjected to dating estimates. These discoveries, sometimes involving new dating techniques, not infrequently result in an extension of previously accepted date ranges for some fossils … Continue reading

  • Maniitsoq crater, Greenland

    In order to understand how a geological feature fits within the biblical history it is necessary to re-interpret the way it is reported, and this primarily involves reinterpreting the quoted dates. In the article Haleakala volcano on the Island of Maui, … Continue reading

  • Post-Flood man continues to become smarter

    In the evolutionary scheme, man evolved from an ape-like ancestor and slowly increased in intelligence and technical ability from the ‘Paleolithic’, through the ‘Mesolithic’, and into the ‘Neolithic’ over a few million years.1 However, further discoveries in archeology are showing that … Continue reading

  • The ideas of Teilhard De Chardin

    Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s most obvious claim to fame was his overwhelming acceptance of evolution, and an unquestionable passion to try to fit Christianity into it. He was born in Auvergne, France, in 1881 and entered the Catholic Society of … Continue reading

  • Human origins: Most Americans aren’t too concerned

    If, as a great philosopher once said, “life’s a bitch and then you die,” what’s the point of debating about the existence of evolution? According to a new report by Calvin College assistant professor Jonathan Hill, many Americans do not … Continue reading

  • Study: Early Earth was much like it is now

    Typically, the mention of a very early planet Earth (500 million or so years after it formed) brings to mind hellish landscapes – fire and brimstone, desolation, etc. It appears now that such imagery just isn’t true. According to scientists … Continue reading

  • Conversion of a Rocket Man: Charles P. Morse

    God providentially used several key events to draw my father, Charles Phillips Morse, to salvation and into the ministry as a creation pioneer in the late 1960s, when a six-day biblical creation was largely disbelieved. On May 25, 1961, President … Continue reading

  • Documentary to expose holes in evolution theories

    A non-profit creationist organization, Creation Ministries International (CMI), plans to release a book and documentary film to expose the weaknesses in the theory of evolution. “Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels” plans to demolish “the very pillars of a foundational belief system that … Continue reading

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