As the carnage of the latest mass murder is being assessed, TV commentators look predictably to psychologists for answers.

Psychology has a questionable past as a science.  Nearly every fad theory since its inception has been overturned.  Even today, the field is riddled with scandal (11/05/2011), and their methods are questionable (7/05/2012).  Psychiatry is supposed to be a step better, since one has to earn an M.D. to be a psychiatrist.  But recently, their own “Bible” of diagnosis, the DSM-V, has been criticized as politically incorrect mumbo-jumbo that is so wrong it’s not even wrong (5/18/2012).

Yet when tragedy happens, and people search for answers as to what would motivate a person to commit mass murder, the experts that TV anchors call on are not Bible scholars, pastors or theologians.  It’s psychologists and psychiatrists with their presumed appeal to offer “scientific” answers.

To date, there is not enough information about James Holmes’ background for anyone except perhaps his parents to have an informed opinion about what made him shoot an assault rifle into a crowded theater this morning.  All that is known is that this PhD candidate in neuroscience was not your typical mass murderer.  He was smart, and his act had to be premeditated.  It was not a sudden snap, but a decision that had a history.  The details will surely be forthcoming as the investigation proceeds.  One fair assumption is that his studies in neuroscience at UC Riverside and University of Colorado were saturated with Darwinism and materialism, with their inherent meaninglessness and lack of personal responsibility….

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