It depends on the religion!

In today’s feedback CMI’s Dr David Catchpoole deals with some skeptics—one who has trouble seeing how religion and evolution can coexist, and the other who is slavishly devoted to a thoroughly ‘evolutionized’ religion—atheism.

Brittany S. from the United States writes in response to article: Pesticide resistance and evolution:

I don’t understand why evolution and religion can not co-exist. Evolution is a fact, and it is not a matter of “believing” in it; it is a matter of understanding it. One can understand that evolution is real, and so is their religion that they believe in. I think I just become frustrated when you say there is no evidence towards evolution where there most certainly is. Why would scientist give evolution the name of a theory if it was not real. Gravity is also a theory, do you not believe in that?

Dr David Catchpoole responds:

Hi Brittany,

Thank you for your response to the article on titled ‘Pesticide resistance and evolution’. Unfortunately your comment misrepresents our position on several points. E.g. type in ‘gravity’ into our searchbox and you’ll see what I mean on that score. Further, type in ‘operational science’ and you’ll find a list of articles that explain in clear terms our view of experimental science versus historical storytelling.

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