This weeks feedback comes because CMI supporter, Catherine O. responded to the article by Gary Bates, Is it unjust that the whole creation should suffer because of Adam’s sin? In that article, Gary says, he was responding to a previous comment on CMI’s position that human beings are the only creatures (as in created by God) that can be saved. Moreover, angels aside, human beings are also the only sentient, intelligent, moral, decision-capable beings that God created. This was from his article Did God create life on other planets?

Catherine O. wrote:

If you read Calvin’s commentary on Romans 8:19-23 and Isaiah 65:25, you’ll find he takes the plain sense: when Christ returns, he will restore creation to the way it was before the Fall, which means that bunny rabbits can and will be saved. Calvin is on the net [withheld per CMI’s feedback rules] and the editor’s notes tell us that Luther and “the greater part of the Lutheran and Reformed Divines” were in agreement here. But if CMI “takes no stand on eschatology” this should include animal immortality…..

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