Nicholas J. from the USA disputes our solution for Mrs Cain because of the Mosaic Law against brother-sister intermarriage, and proposes an alternative. Dr Jonathan Sarfati of CMI–US (formerly CMI–Australia) defends our solution, explains the reason for the Jewish law, and why it didn’t apply to Cain.

To whomever is reading this from First let me say that I have found your website very helpful in many ways. My wish in sending you this message is to strengthen your undertaking and to help those who visit your website who are searching for good answers.

I have read much of what presents on the topic of Cain’s wife, and I have to say that I am in disagreement with what I find. I commend the authors who have written the material on your website for diligently working toward uniting the clear message of scripture with an understanding of all creation and history. However, I am in disagreement with the answer presented here, and I hope you will allow me to offer another view that has the same intentions of uniting Scripture with all of life. I present this view in the following paragraphs:

Question: Where did Cain’s wife come from?
Answer: It is very likely that God formed a wife for Cain from his own body in the same way that God formed a wife for Adam. It is also possible that God could have formed her from the ground.

Many will say that God could not have created other people outside of Adam and Eve because the rest of the Bible is clear that we are all in Adam. For instance, the Bible is clear that sin entered the world through one man (Romans 5:12). However, it is a non sequitur to conclude from this verse that all people must be physical descendents of Adam. The Bible says that all Christians are in Christ, but are all Christians physical descendants of Jesus? Of course not, for then no Christians would exist. Just as Christ is made a federal head for those who believe in Him, so is Adam made the federal head of all mankind by being the first man to be created….

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