An interview with oceanographer Bob Ballard shows him taking glee at proving the scientific consensus wrong.

Bob Ballard, the man who found the Titanic, is a proud maverick.  With his submarines and robotic vehicles, he has overturned at least three scientific notions long taught in textbooks.  Now working on another film series called “Alien Deep,” this “Carl Sagan with gills” was interviewed on Live Science.  He was asked about the deep sea vents he filmed for the show.

We found another world. What I like doing is throwing text books away.

When I was a geology student, I was taught the old school of geology. I had to memorize a whole lot of crap. I was part of the revolution in Earth sciences, where we knew more than the professors, which was dangerous because you didn’t want to embarrass them. How’d you like to defend your Ph.D. with a professor that doesn’t believe you?… They didn’t believe in plate tectonics, so you had to gingerly get around that. So, we threw the geology book out the window.

Then to biology: We were taught all life on earth was due to photosynthesis. Baloney. We found a life system that completely defied this. Instead of living off the energy from the sun, we found a system that lived in total darkness off the energy of the Earth.

We then found black smokers blasting off on the bottom of the ocean in 1979. We discovered that water actually goes into the planet. The entire volume of the ocean goes into and out of the Earth every 6–8 million years….

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