by Tas Walker

An international team of scientists have rejected the idea that the Black Sea ever flooded suddenly in the past.

In the late 1990s, two marine geologists, William Ryan and Walter Pitman, claimed to have found evidence for a catastrophic flooding of the Black Sea area about 7,600 years ago.1 Their ‘Black Sea flood’ claim became famous when they alleged that it was the Flood of Noah as recorded in the Bible.2 In effect their claim alleges that the biblical record of Noah’s Flood is grossly inaccurate and cannot be trusted.

Given the attitude of the media towards the Bible, it’s not surprising that their speculations have proved remarkably popular in television documentaries, books, journals and lectures.3 What is surprising though is how quickly their ideas have been embraced by Christians and even included into Bible handbooks.4

When examined, the claims of Ryan and Pitman show that, even if there was a catastrophic flooding of the Black Sea, it was definitely not the Flood of Noah.5 If the Black Sea flood did occur, it would not have been 7,600 years ago but more likely around 1650 BC. From the limited geological evidence Ryan and Pitman presented, we felt that they had made a reasonable case for a sudden drowning of the Black Sea and we had no reason at the time to challenge that conclusion. However, it was not the Flood of Noah!….

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