My wife and I have raised Maltese dogs now for almost 20 years.  We are on our second breeding pair at this time.  Our female, Fiona, just gave birth to three little puppies this past Sunday morning and everything about this event is a problem for evolution.

Last Thursday, we took her to the vet to be x-rayed to find out how many puppies she was carrying.  Since this was Fiona’s first litter, we wanted to make sure there weren’t any complications.  The vet told us that she could see three puppies for sure and wasn’t sure if there was a fourth or not.  The vet gave us electronic copies of the x-rays and when we got home, my wife, Lynn, loaded up the x-rays and adjusted the contrast on the x-rays allowing us to see the puppies more clearly.  One puppy looked considerably larger than the other two, but sometimes that is due to the angle in which they are laying.

Saturday night, Fiona started ‘nesting.’  She went to several places where we have laid out towels and blankets for her and kept moving the fabric over and over, trying to make the perfect bed for her puppies.

Then early Sunday morning, just before 6:00am, Fiona found the spot she wanted and started giving birth.  As soon as the first puppy had emerged, she immediately broke open the amniotic sac and stimulated it to start breathing.  Then she removed the rest of the sac from the puppy, bit off the umbilical cord and started cleaning the tiny little girl.  As soon as she was satisfied that the first puppy was clean and breathing, she cleaned up all of the afterbirth.

A few minutes later, the second puppy emerged and she followed the same procedure in getting it out of the sac, stimulating it to breath, cutting the cord, cleaning it and cleaning up the afterbirth.  The second puppy was a male and considerably larger than the first little female.

A few minutes later, Fiona gave birth to a third puppy, another male.  She again followed the same procedure to care for her newborn puppy and clean it and everything else up.  The third puppy was larger than the first born female, but smaller than the second born male.

After the third puppy was born, Fiona proceeded to continue to lick and clean the puppies and then laid down on her side to allow them to nurse.  As I looked in to see the puppies nursing, I noticed that I could only see two of them, the two males.  I looked around Fiona and found the tiny female underneath her.  When it was born, it did not look nearly as big or developed as the two males.  I gently tried to place the female on one of Fiona’s nipples to get it to feed, but as soon as I did, Fiona would lick it away from her and shift her position to exclude the female.  This continued for about an hour when we noticed that the breathing of the little female became very rattled and labored.  Not long after, it took its last breath.

That little female only weighed 1.9 ounces and Fiona had rejected her from the very beginning.  Something inside of Fiona recognized that it had problems and would not survive, so she concentrated on the two guys that were left.

As I said earlier, there was a significant difference in size between the two male puppies.  The second one born weighed 4.1 ounces and the last one born weighed 2.7 ounces.  Because of their difference in size, we have tentatively named them David and Goliath.

But what is it about this little miracle of the birth of the puppies that presents a problem for evolution?

How did Fiona know to do any of the following things, especially since she hasn’t done this before and had no example to follow?

  • Make a nest or bed just before giving birth.
  • Open the amniotic sac from around the puppies.
  • Stimulate the puppies to get them to breath.
  • Bite off the umbilical cord.
  • Clean off the rest of the sac.
  • Clean up the after birth.
  • Position herself to allow the puppies to nurse.

Then there are some more motherly things she does to take care of her puppies.  These include:

  • Lick the puppies to stimulate their going to the bathroom.
  • Whenever she leaves them, she will generally move some of the bedding over the puppies to keep them warm.
  • Be very protective about the puppies.  Poor Timothy, the dad, hasn’t been able to get near his new sons as Fiona faithfully guards them.

We refer to all of these behaviors as being instincts.  Instincts are behaviors and actions that are built into an animal.  They are not a learned behavior.  Fiona has never had any other dog teach her all of these things.  She did them automatically as if they were programmed into her brain.

But who was the programmer that programmed these behaviors into her?

Evolutionists have never provided an acceptable explanation for the evolution of instinctive behavior.  Some argue that those animals that exhibited those specific behaviors survived to pass that knowledge on to the next generation while those who didn’t do these things died out.  But this still doesn’t explain how the first animals knew to do these things or how the behavior became hardwired in the brain to be passed on to all of the generations to follow.

Other evolutionists have tried to explain instinctive behavior as being the result genetic mutations and that is how the information became hardwired into the animals.  But from where would such a mutation come from that would account for that kind of behavioral traits?

Evolutionists have no real answer as to how animals acquired their various instincts.  But creationists do.  When God created all of the animals on earth, he placed the information for all of the behaviors the animals would need in order to survive.  It would have made absolutely no sense for an all knowing and infinitely wise God to create animals that lacked the information necessary to survive and reproduce.

Watching Fiona give birth and take care of her little puppies reminded me of what an awesome Creator God we have.  And if you want to follow the exploits and growth of little David and big Goliath, I invite you to visit the Creation Revolution Facebook page.

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