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Billions of  years, amazing changes

The battle is clearly on to win young minds.

Hot on the heels of Richard Dawkins’ first children’s book (The Magic of Reality)1 comes Billions of years, amazing changes by Laurence Pringle.2

Pringle has written over a hundred books for young people about wildlife and nature, so it’s not surprising that he was the one commissioned to write this book. That’s right, his services were specifically engaged to put this book together. It was commissioned by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in 2006, says Pringle in the Acknowledgements, as they “honored me with a fellowship to write about evolution for children.”

And Pringle had some high-powered help, it seems. Long-time anticreationist and anti-Christian Jerry Coyne is a Professor of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago. Coyne wrote the Foreword, and in his review of the book on his own and Dawkins’ websites, he also claims credit for guiding Pringle during the writing and editing process. Coyne recommends that this book should be given to 10–14-year-olds, while Dawkins’ Magic could be assigned to young people “a tad older”.

Train up a child …

As a strategy, the targeting of young people is clearly an effective one. Although it took almost 100 years after the publication of Origin of Species for evolutionary teaching to be introduced into schools in a systematic way, evolutionists have certainly made the most of their opportunities since the 1960s. And the fruit of that has become increasingly evident, both inside and outside the church. We see the greying (and ultimate disbanding) of many church congregations (because young people leave the church, mistakenly believing evolution is true).3,4  And in broader society we see the increasing lawlessness in the (formerly Christian) West.5,6,7,8….

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