Chronology provides the frame

by Dr. Tas Walker

The basis of a geologic model is a clearly defined history of the earth. Naturally any such history must be an assumed history because no one alive today was present to observe what took place.

Because we believe the Bible is true, we assume that its plain reading gives an accurate understanding of Earth history. Biblical chronology is used as the basis for geological investigation.

The above time-line illustrates the history of the earth as set out in the Bible. Various key events are indicated. The dates shown are from Ussher’s chronology which was based on internal evidence from the Bible itself. By adding the years given in the genealogies and relating these to chronological information in other passages he determined the dates for the accompanying events. I use Ussher because his chronology is well known. The dates shown on the timeline are:

The Creation of the World 4004 BC
The World Wide Flood 2348 BC
The Call of Abraham 1921 BC
The Exodus from Egypt 1491 BC
The Foundations of Temple Laid 1012 BC
The Destruction of Jerusalem 586 BC
The Birth of Christ 4 BC

I will not detail here how the dates have been determined. Biblical chronologies developed by other workers following the same line agree with Ussher to within 50 years.

Larger differences exist between the various biblical source texts. The following table summarises the dates for Creation and the Flood calculated from the Massoretic (Hebrew) text, the Samaritan text, two LXX (Septuagint) texts, and Josephus, the Jewish historian who lived in the first century AD….

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