But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed. And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. 2 Peter 2:1-2

Scripture repeatedly warns us about false teachers and false doctrines.  Many people read these warnings and think of men and women standing in a church pulpit preaching biblical errancy.  Yet, false teachers are found in many different arenas in today’s secular world: in pulpits in schools, universities, research institutes, government offices, television, movies, journals, media and the evolutionary community.

As I was reading a recent article about a study on yeast’s ability to adapt to environmental changes, the words of the Apostle Peter came to mind.  The title of the article was: Evolution to the Rescue: Species May Adapt Quickly to Rapid Environmental Change, Yeast Study Shows. Andrew Gonzalez, biology professor from McGill University, studied baker’s yeast to answer the question: Can evolution happen quickly enough to help a species survive?

Gonzalez and fellow professor Graham Bell, studied over 2000 populations of baker’s yeast since the genome has been well studied and they are capable of reproducing several times a day.  They subjected the various yeast cultures to environmental stress in the form of increased salt concentrations and measured the ability of the yeast to adapt and survive.

They found that the yeast was able to adapt through genetic mutations in as little as 50 – 100 generations.  Their conclusion was that evolution took place surprisingly fast and based upon this study, they extrapolated the same ability of rapid evolution in other life forms including mammals that have much longer life spans.

So where is the false teaching you ask?

It’s in the use of the term evolution and the connotations it implies.  Virtually every evolutionist I know of uses the term evolution for any change that takes place.  Some textbooks and dictionaries actually define the word evolution as change.  One high school biology textbook I looked at defined evolution as any change in allele frequency.  In reality, that means that any offspring of sexual reproduction will have a change in allele frequency from the parents, hence they are the product of evolution. I have brown eyes, my wife had green eyes and one of our daughters has blue eyes and the other has grey eyes.  According to this definition, my daughters are proof of evolution.

Based upon these changes, there is no problem for evolutions to just extrapolate the concept of evolution as any change to the theory of origins of all life on earth.  Yet they are not the same.

Evolution of life is based on a number of assumptions that cannot be observed and cannot be repeated.  The assumptions of evolution also defy the basic laws of biology that state unequivocally that life cannot come from non-life.  Evolution also defies the laws of information which state that information in any form (DNA, language, etc.) can not arise from non-information but must arise from a source of intelligence.

The theory of the evolution of life also requires that an ever increasing amount of new information be added to the organisms.  Yet, instances of the addition of new genetic information are extremely rare and virtually unknown.

To overcome these major hurdles, evolutionists intentionally misuse the term evolution as referring to any change, in order to brainwash the public into believing it is a fact and occurs all the time.  Once the general population accepts this definition of evolution, they are easily misguided into believing that the molecules-to-man evolution must have taken place.  It is an insidious form of bait-and-switch.

The result of this false teaching is the undermining of the Bible’s foundational chapters of Genesis.  Once evolutionists brainwash people, especially students in the public schools, colleges and universities, into questioning the creation account in Genesis, they readily start to question the rest of the Bible.  If you can’t trust what the Bible says about our origins, then how can you trust it concerning salvation and Jesus Christ?

Evolutionists are false teachers and are actively teaching our children and adults a false doctrine that is contrary to the Bible.  They are preaching a religion that is anti-Bible, anti-creation, and anti-Jesus.  It is a religion of death, not life.  It will lead to eternal damnation instead of eternal glorification.  Heed the words of Peter and beware of such false teachers and don’t allow them to lead you or your family to destruction.


Evolution to the Rescue: Species May Adapt Quickly to Rapid Environmental Change, Yeast Study Shows, ScienceDaily.com, June 23, 2011.

12 Biggest Lies

Every person on the planet walks around with opinions based on what they think they know, and those opinions direct how all of us act and react. But very few ever question the substance that forms those crucial opinions. From the very nature of truth to how our world began, from morality to religion, from population control to political correctness, from Israel to Islam, from atheism to God … our entire world runs on what we believe.

Follow popular actor Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda, Soul Surfer) as he introduces some of the world’s leading scientists, historians, theologians, philosophers and authors, including Ravi Zacharias, Michael Coren, Richard Fangrad, Calvin Smith, Jonathan Sarfati and many more as they tackle the world’s 12 biggest lies. For more details visit 12biggestlies.com

The 12 Biggest Lies:
1. There is no such thing as truth.
2. People are inherently good.
3. No one should be offended.
4. Men and women are equal.
5. A fetus isn’t human.
6. The world is overpopulated.
7. Americans are greedy and self-centered.
8. Islam is a religion of peace.
9. The Jews stole Jerusalem.
10. The earth is billions of years old.
11. There is no God.
12. Jesus was just a good man.

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