Beavers have always been fascinating to watch.  They are awkward on land and unlike other rodents are not fast at all.  They are probably the only rodent that a human can out run.  But put them in the water and they are as graceful swimmers as a swan.

No one can deny that they have some of the best engineering skills in the animal kingdom.  They can take a pile of what looks like firewood and kindling and turn it into a well-built dam on a stream and an island home for their family.  Biologists and engineers have long studied the construction skills of beavers and are constantly amazed at how they not only build a dam, but how they maintain and repair it as well.

The front teeth on a beaver are also quite distinctive.  They are shaped like wood chisels with a very sharp beveled edge.  Beavers use these built in chisels to cut down trees of varying sizes and to trim off branches and cut them down to just the right size for whatever purpose the beaver has in mind.  Beaver’s front teeth are constantly growing which is a good thing as all that wood cutting would soon wear them down to nothing.

And it’s those distinct front teeth that have made recent news in the world of fossils.  Some Bureau of Land Management employees were working in the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in Oregon discovered some fossilized beaver teeth.  This is a protected area that has produced a number of different fossils in the past.

According to the National Park Service, the teeth are believed to be around 7 million years old and represent the oldest beaver fossils found in North America.  Not only do they believe this is the oldest beaver fossil from this continent but they were surprised to see that the teeth are:

Are almost identical to living beaver teeth, showing that the animal has changed very little in the last seven million years.  This indicates that their appearance and role in the environment would have been the same in the past.

The oldest beaver fossils are supposed to be around 10-12 million years old and were found in Germany.  Interestingly, no fossils have ever been found of an intermediate beaver; a creature that was in the process of evolving into a beaver but wasn’t a beaver yet.  One would expect to find some kind of intermediate, but like virtually all other animals, there isn’t one.  The oldest beaver fossils (which we know can’t be any older than 4,400 years – the time of the Genesis Flood) show up abruptly in the fossil record as true beavers.

Once again when we examine the evidence from science, we see the sudden appearance of an animal, in this case a beaver, as if it were wondrously created to begin with.  And when we do what the Bereans did and search the Scriptures to see what is true and what is not true, we quickly learn that God created all land animals on Day 6 of Creation, the same day He created man.


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By Design: Evidence for nature’s Intelligent Designer–the God of the Bible

At last, a definitive work on design by a leading biblical creationist…

Today, the ID (intelligent design) movement is capturing headlines (and igniting controversy) around the world. But in the process, many are coming to think that a credible challenge to the dominant Darwinian naturalism of our time means backing away from a clear stand for the truth of the Bible.

Now creationist heavyweight Jonathan Sarfati, whose Refuting Evolution has the most copies in print of any creation book ever, challenges this mindset head on. In the process, By Design is set to become a classic of the creation movementin the same vein as Dr Sarfatis comprehensive Refuting Compromise, which is arguably the most powerful biblical and scientific defense of straightforward Genesis in existence.

Brilliant, deep and engaging the battle at the front linesclassic Sarfati!

Dr David Catchpoole, Ph.D., plant physiologist

When master logician/scientist Jonathan Sarfati takes on another front of the creation/evolution battle, his fans know theyre going to experience an intellectual feast of cut-and- thrust philosophical swordsmanship with the opponents of Genesis creation/ID. But readers are in for an additional treat, toohis passion (not revealed in his previous books) for digging into the details of lifes breathtaking designs.

Dr Carl Wieland, Managing Director,
Creation Ministries International (Australia)

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