“Bait and switch” is one of the oldest tactics under the sun…or seawater. In it, a person (or creature) is lured by something desirable that is then switched out with something much less desirable, or even fatal. It is a fact of life in this fallen world—in the world of nature, in courts of law, and in evolutionary stories about origins.

Bait and Switch in the World of Nature

Consider the female anglerfish. These bony predators lure their prey with a shiny, wiggling, tentacle-like appendage that looks like edible bait. When a would-be diner approaches the “bait,” the female anglerfish’s teeth-laced jaws (and stretchable cheek pouches) predatorily swallow whole the doomed grazer.

The anglerfish—technically termed “teleost lophiiformes”1—lives in deep seawater (pelagic anglerfish) or as a bottom-dweller along the continental shelves (benthic anglerfish). This strange fish displays an ecological lifestyle that requires all-or-nothing unity design; either its critical features all work together within its exotic habitat, or else the anglerfish population cannot survive its own life cycle. Its very existence defies evolution:

One of God’s amazing creations is the deep-sea Angler fish. This fish makes its home more than a mile deep in ocean water. On her forehead the female has a “fishing rod” [flexible filament appendage] tipped with an “artificial worm.” She dangles this “bait” over her mouth to attract her next meal. Ah, but there is a problem—her next meal cannot see the bait, since it is too dark under more than a mile of seawater.…The only possibility [of this fish surviving] is that God created the Angler fish with all the fully-functional equipment it needed to survive at great depths. To solve this darkness problem, God created a special kind of light on the bait. This light displays highly advanced technology—it gives off no heat! A compound called Luciferin is oxidized with the help of an enzyme that scientists named Luciferase, and this reaction produces heatless light. (Research scientists have broken down Luciferase into more than 1,000 proteins, but they still do not know how the heatless light is produced.)…Ask an evolutionist how a deep-sea fish could evolve the ability to produce high-tech light on an artificial bait dangled over the fish’s mouth? God has made His creation to display His glory and power….

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