By John Calvert

Atheists believe life just arises from matter. It’s not created for a purpose by a super-intellect others call God.  Although life looks superbly designed, Atheists and evolutionary biologists claim its apparent design is just an illusion. They have faith that mindless moving atoms and molecules acted on by blind physical constraints somehow “evolve” into life so complex that even humans can’t imagine how to make it.

Given the faith that life comes from matter rather than mind, the Atheist rejects the “wisdom of God” about the nature of life and how it should be lived. Since life reduces to matter, the Atheist has no reason to believe that it continues after death. The materialistic logic of death then leads to the selfish goal of living life in a way that will avoid suffering to attain happiness. According to the “Humanist Manifestos,” the guide to this nirvana is human “reason” and materialistic science, not the wisdom of God.

“Reason” deserves quotes. The inherent problem with “reason” is that it is only as good as that which informs it. If the faith of materialistic science that informs reasoned Atheism is wrong, then we can’t expect the “reasoned” output to be right. Garbage in yields garbage out. Misinformed and biased reason and science can lead us to garbage like eugenics, the holocaust and sexual promiscuity that can destroy the individual, family and culture….

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