Many times we can find ourselves at a loss when trying to answer objections when ‘on the front lines’ of evangelism. That is precisely why CMI exists—to equip Christians with those answers. Shaun F. from Australia writes, and Dr Jonathan Sarfati’s responses are interspersed:

Dear CMI, I couldn’t respond to some arguments my friend brought up (below) on various different topics. I’d appreciate it if you could help me out.

Dear Mr F.

Thank you for asking. You certainly came to the right place, because our website has about 8,500 articles on it, with a good search button and Q&A pages. That’s why, in the spirit of “teaching a man to fish” rather than “giving him a fish”, I’ll help you look for the information (of course, in Australia there is a danger that if you teach someone to fish, then he’ll sit on a boat all day drinking beer ).

Thanks “Its perfectly possible that something could come out of nothing. Think about it. A miracle is defined as a temporary and specific suspension of the laws of physics. So if you wanted to create another universe within our universe today you’d obviously need to suspend those laws.

Search the word miracles in the search box, and the first article that comes up is Miracles and science, which states, “it is better to call miracles an addition to natural laws rather than a loophole within them”. I think the article should help a lot.

However, did said laws exist before the universe did? Arguably not, and if not then no miracle has occurred. The laws of causality do not seem to be utterly set in stone like the concept that a triangle must have 3-sides. Events on the subatomic scale appear to be beholden to chance all the time….

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