This week’s feedback deals with whether parthenogenetic lizards (where the females grow and develop embryos without fertilization from a male) were on the ark and whether we misconstrued the order plants are likely to colonize new habitats in. CMI’s Dr David Catchpoole replies.

T.W. from the Netherlands writes:

Dear member of CMI,

A few days ago, someone asked me a question which I cannot answer myself. The question was if parthenogenetic animals (like some “lesbian” land lizards), entered the ark of Noah. And if so, how can there be male and female of them when they only come in females?

Could you please tell me what the answer is of this question?

God Bless you,



CMI’s Dr David Catchpoole responded:

Dear Tony

Thanks for your enquiry—to my knowledge, the first time we’ve ever been asked such a question!

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