A second Age of the Dinosaurs sounds rather ludicrous doesn’t it?  However if a recent study is true and all of the global warming hype is also true, then the logical conclusion is that a second Age of the Dinosaurs is right around the corner.

A British team of evolutionary researchers believe that around 300 million years ago, there was a super continent called Euramerica.  This super continent was located on the equator and was covered with massive rainforests.  The rainforests collected vast amounts of peat that eventually became the layers of coal that we mine today which is why they refer to them as the Coal Forests.  Eventually, the Coal Forests were destroyed by global warming leaving small isolated pockets of forest.  Each isolated forest had its own group of reptiles. 

Starting with their presuppositions of millions of years of evolution, they studied the reptile fossils from what they believed to be the time periods before and after the collapse of the Coal Forests.  They came to the conclusion that there was a greater degree of diversity in the reptile fossils after the forest changes than before.  Not only was there greater diversity among reptiles as a whole, but they believe that each isolated community evolved in separate directions, thus adding to the increased diversity.  This increased diversity set the stage for the rapid rise of reptiles leading into the Age of the Dinosaurs. 

When I read this report, I realized that we are experiencing similar circumstances today.  We’ve been hearing about the destruction of the rainforests for over 30 years.  One conservation site stated that world-wide an acre and half of rainforest is being destroyed every second.  This equates to an area twice the size of Florida every year. 

Global warming, real or not, has been in the forefront of news for a number of years now.  International politics circle global warming like a flock of vultures closing in on some dead animal’s carcass.  Many evolutionists even blame Christians for the global warming and ruining the environment.

If evolution is fact as so many believe and we are losing our rainforests at an alarming rate and the earth’s climate is being altered by global warming and this British team’s study is accurate, then doesn’t it follow that we could be facing a second Age of the Dinosaurs?

I don’t know of anyone, evolutionist or creationist that would take that conclusion seriously.  The point I’m trying to make is to show the inconsistency and absurdity of evolution. 

Had the British researchers started with a biblical presupposition based on God’s Word, they would have come to a completely different conclusion.  They would have seen the Coal Forests turning into coal was the result of the Genesis Flood.  They would also have known that after God created the reptiles on Day 6, that there would have been some rapid dispersion throughout the earth as it was then.  This dispersion would have created numerous separated populations resulting in rapid diversity. 

Different presuppositions.  Same facts.  Different conclusions.

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