Are people really communicating with the spirits of the dead?

This week’s feedback comes from Michael M. who asked:

On shows about the paranormal, is the equipment being used really detecting anything?

CMI-US CEO Gary Bates replies:

Dear Michael,

Thanks for your email. I am not too familiar with these ‘Ghost Hunters’ type shows, so I cannot comment on the exact type of equipment that they profess to use. To be honest, I don’t find the programs very enlightening or credible so I don’t waste my time with them. I note that there are similar shows called ‘Alien Hunters’ and ‘Ancient Aliens’ too. It should be remembered when watching any of this stuff that they already have a preset agenda. Just imagine if every week we watched them and they came to the conclusion “No, there are no ghosts” or “No aliens” then the show would have a pretty short lifespan and nobody would watch it. Controversy and conspiracy are big marketing gimmicks, and in my own research into the UFO phenomenon I’ve found that truth is always the first casualty. However, I have come to realize that the UFO phenomenon has many occult parallels and there are some valid points to consider when it comes to your question.

Most certainly the appearances of alleged ghosts (I say ‘alleged’ because there are actually no such things—please see below for more clarification on this), UFOs and the appearance of aliens in people’s rooms etc., have at times created physical disruptions in our physical realm. On some occasions there have been power fluctuations or outages and of course, things can move or be shifted and there have been manifestations of beings in a variety of forms. There is equipment that can detect, for example, power surges or fluctuations, and cameras that record images etc., so I suppose in some cases it might be possible to claim that such equipment has been able to test or even demonstrate such things. Of course, the detection of a power field or surge in a room would be interpreted by those wanting it to be ghosts as exactly that. I noted comments from other Christian researchers in my book Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection that:….

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