What about ghost sightings?

Our article Are ghosts real? generated a lot of positive feedback, but some people still seemed doubtful about our conclusions because of their experiences. First, Amanda S., USA, shares her own experience.

Thank you Gary for such an eye-opening article.

I wanted to comment to you about a couple of things. First, when I was a young girl, big-chain retail stores sold the ‘Ouija’ game, and perhaps they still do. At slumber parties, we thought it was harmless but spooky. When I was a young adult, I was with a girl who drew out her own board, and we ‘played’ again. This time, the demonic spirit who answered made a prediction about my life that would happen in December of 1999, and it did. Can fallen angels have access to future knowledge?

I am a Christian now, and growing stronger in Christ every day, but for many years as a teenager and beyond I wasted a lot of time searching in all the wrong places for truth: crystals, horoscopes, New Age stuff, other religions, earthly escapes. I read a lot about the man Edgar Cayce. He himself grew up as and claimed to be a Christian, but when he would go under his ‘trances’, he would channel what he called the Source. Was he channeling fallen angels and demonic spirits, even though he thought he was doing good for people?

Also, I wanted to comment on the Sheol/Hades discussion. I have an in-law relative whose grandmother had a stroke and was in a coma for three days. When she woke up, she was terrified and kept saying she didn’t want to go back ‘there’, and by there SHE meant ‘purgatory’. I know that purgatory is a Catholic doctrine, but she told my in-law that it was dark and cave-like, and that her brother was there. Could she have been in Sheol/Hades?

.Finally, and I’m sorry this is so long, there is a film supposedly based on true events called ‘The Fourth Kind’. I watched it to my regret because it seemed so convincing that it really made me afraid afterward. The ‘aliens’ in the film, and in the true events on which the film was based, were speaking Sanskrit, caused havoc and fear, and claimed to be God. I have your book Alien Intrusion, and that, combined with what you wrote in your article, made me realize that it was demonic spirits claiming to be God and not really aliens, and so I have nothing to fear. Praise God!….

Alien Intrusion UFOs and the Evolution Connection

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