Does biology have a place in our understanding of apartheid in South Africa?

André F. from South Africa reacted to Carl Wieland’s recent web article on interracial marriage. He wrote:


A typical sign of the apartheid era in a South African public space, probably a Durban beach.

A typical sign of the apartheid era in a South African public space, probably a Durban beach.


I read the article from Dr. Carl Wieland about racial equality e-mailed to me recently. I absolutely do not agree with him. He obviously has not enough experience of my country South Africa.

At present the white man in SA is going through a survival struggle, with a low intensity, undeclared, elimination war against him, especially the white Afrikaner and white farmer. That is why so many of us have left SA to, amongst others, go and live in Australia.

Dr. Wieland obviously has not followed the situation in SA carefully enough to realize that there are characters like youth league leader Julius Malema, who openly propagates killing white people in SA and the ANC government quietly supports him.

Now the question can be asked why this is so and then one realizes that there are big differences between white and black people, mentally and culturally, differences that always have been very difficult to reconcile and still are to this day. That is why separation of the races was instituted in SA, initially by the colonial English and carried on by the Nationalists after 1948. Dr. Verwoerd felt that by separating the races and helping them all to develop along their own lines of ability, pace and culture, was the best for all in SA in those days. That is why he had to be taken out of the way, because the drivers towards a One World Government could not allow him to succeed. He did more for the black people in SA than anyone else before or after him, including the corrupt ANC government of today.

Now, whether one can prove biologically that all races are equal or not, hoping for them to, or forcing them to integrate is the worst thing that can happen today. Whether we like it or not, the differences are so big, ethically, culturally and mentally, that we have to allow space for each other to live next to each other and until the black man learns to grow up and become the responsible citizen he should be, SA will stay in the mess it is in today and it will become worse. The question is, can he?….

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