Today we have two feedbacks, the first from atheist Ricky K of Illinois, USA who expresses appreciation for the well-written material on our website, to which Andrew Lamb responds. The second, from Dominique A of France (in French), to which Dr Don Batten replies (in English). Dr Batten’s reply gives the reader the idea of the query, which is about the translation of certain Hebrew terms in Genesis 1 used to promote the gap theory.

1. An atypical atheist

Hey guys,

First of all, I would like to compliment you on your writing ability.


Many people who choose to write on the topics of evolution and creation are unable to articulate well, particularly on the web. It is refreshing to find some skillfully written articles in a medium which harbors so much junk.

Hmm, perhaps you spend too much time on anti-creationist sites. Feel free to post links to articles on the forums you visit so that others can experience our ‘refreshing’ articles too.

Furthermore, I think that what you are doing is important.

Agreed, though probably for different reasons.

As an atheist and advocate of evolutionary theory, it’s always good to see someone second guessing me.

It is a pleasant surprise to encounter an atheist who welcomes critical evaluation (‘second guessing’) of their ideas. For an atheist, your attitude to dissenting views is surprisingly tolerant and distinctly atypical. Atheists in the West have tended to persecute dissenters. And historically, atheistic governments have tended to murder dissenters. Although some evolutionists, like yourself, endeavour to exhibit tolerance and other virtues, if evolution is true and we are all just ‘rearranged pond scum’ so to speak, then there is actually no objective basis for your virtuous behaviour.

It is people like you who have forced me to take a more critical view of my own understanding of the universe, and now I am more convinced than ever that evolutionary theory is at least on the right track, even if it is an incomplete and imperfect theory (particularly in regards to the origin of life)….

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