These beautiful fossils on sale at Arrowtown, New Zealand, were buried in Madagascar during the Zenithic phase of Noah’s Flood about 4,500 years ago.

Well, that is not what the sign says (there are a few problems with that sign). Not many people would make the connection with Noah’s Flood because of the handwritten date on the card. If the fossils are 120 million years old then they would have nothing to do with Noah.

But most people don’t realise that these dates are not scientifically measured but chosen to agree with the long-age uniformitarian philosophy (see Dating secrets). You never find these ages justified in any of the signs and posters that you read at these tourist places. The ages are just stated as a fact and almost everyone accepts them without question.

So I have stated here that the fossils were buried during the Zenithic phase of Noah’s Flood, which was just 4,500 years ago. I have researched the Cretaceous in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Northern Territory and concluded that it was deposited during the Zenithic phase (See my article on the Great Artesian Basin). These ammonite fossils are likely to have been deposited about the same time, as the floodwaters were rising and nearing their peak….

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