Some evolutionists have a lot to say about imaginary friends no one has ever seen.

  • SETI prima donna Jill Tarter is sure “aliens don’t want to eat us” (PhysOrg).  Presumably this implies they won’t wish to season their dishes with Tarter sauce, either.  Perhaps, then, their treatise on “How to Serve Man” really was a genuine offer of help, rather than a cookbook.
  • Mark Thompson assures us that the Fermi Paradox means Earthlings “don’t need the ‘Men in Black’” (Live Science).  Men in white, maybe… but don’t assume they are scientists.
  • Mark Mardell (BBC News) is convinced that aliens use Legos.  “Life’s building blocks” have been found on Mars, he said, even though NASA’s Astrobiology Magazine admitted the carbon molecules detected are non-biological.  Still, the NASA piece used the L-word “life” hopefully five times.  (See 5/24/2012 entry also.)
  • New Scientist said that if the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL, due to land this fall) doesn’t find aliens, it’s “No problem, we will look elsewhere.” The search will go on, even though “Astrobiology is an odd science. It largely concerns itself with studying something that may not exist,” the article said.  Apparently, existence is not a requirement for science these days.  Something else has taken the place of observing things that must exist: “Even so, it [astrobiology] captures the imagination like nothing else.”….

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