On the other hand, they may have eaten too much and died of overeating!    A further possibility is that there were too many meat-eating dinosaurs; they ate all the plant-eaters and then themselves died of hunger.  One popular idea is that the little mammals of the Cretaceous were very fond of dinosaur eggs and ate so many of them that the dinosaurs died out.  It has sometimes been suggested that the dinosaurs were poisoned…”  “Other causes put forward include parasites, diseases, slipped discs, shrinking brain and greater stupidity, over-specialization and inability to change…”  “The latest idea in 1982 is that the gradual warming of the earth led to premature cataract in the eyes of the dinosaurs; they eventually became blind and perished before they were old enough to reproduce.

Alan Charig, A New Look At The Dinosaurs, Facts on File, N.Y., March 1983, p.150-1.


Alan Charig was a leading paleontologist at the Natural Histoty Museum, London

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