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Adultery: When Law and Morality (used to) Agree

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By Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

The Colorado legislature is considering the repeal of laws in the state that criminalize adultery or any act that would “promote sexual immorality.” According to Lynn Bartels of The Denver Post, the process of repeal is now well underway, with the House Judiciary Committee voting 8-3 to take adultery and sexual immorality out of the criminal code in Colorado.

Missing from the legislative debate, at least as reported in the media, is any acknowledgment of how such statutes entered the law books in the first place. Throughout most of human history, morality and law were united and in agreement when it came to the reality of adultery and the larger context of sexual immorality. Laws criminalizing adultery were adopted because the society believed that marriage was central to its own existence and flourishing, and that adultery represented a dagger struck at the heart of the society, as well as the heart of marriage.

Marriage was not considered merely a private arrangement. Every society regulates marriage, and most have adopted clear and punitive sanctions against adultery. But the moral and cultural revolutions of the past several decades have shifted the meaning of marriage from a public institution to a private contract….

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  • jojo58

    See how many on this list which was originally published in a book called The Naked Communist in 1958 have been accomplished, and how many others are close to it. The book is available free in pdf form online.

  • Ray_Downen

    It’s good that police are not involved in enforcing laws concerning adultery. But God is involved, and it would be good if our laws were in harmony with God’s will. All our laws.

  • Bighoss

    A wise monkey doesn’t monkey with another monkey’s monkey. But only chaos will reign in a jungle where the police are set at liberty to round up and punish the unwise monkeys.

  • Greg

    Malachi 2:16 says, ” the LORD God hates divorce, for it covers one’s garment with violence.” Adultery ruins homes & nations. Take Chicago, the murder capital of the US. Young teen agers & adults join gangs & commit violent crimes.
    I read 90% of the murders there are by the gangs. Crimes on school campuses have increased. Most of the kids involved in them are from single parent homes. When marriage is mocked by immorality of all kinds then families are

    weakened, if not destroyed. It spreads throughout the nation. The net result is, violence & perversion run rampant. That

    is why Adultery should have laws in acted to protect society. There was a lot less of divorce & violence when I was growing up until the mid 60’s when immorality of all kinds was promoted.

  • wizzid0

    If we are going to have this discussion, we must first define our terms. Everybody thinks they know what adultery is, but if you are looking to the Holy Bible to define the term, then you might be surprised to find that in biblical times, adultery can only be when a man [regardless of his marital status] engages in sex [or even thinks about it] with a MARRIED woman! That’s right, a married man who messes around with an unmarried woman may have committed fornication, but not adultery.

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