by Wes Moore*

Five words that will get you shot in America: “I don’t support gay marriage.”

These are the words Kirk Cameron used in a recent CNN interview (or, at least, pretty close). Here’s the entire statement.

Marriage is almost as old as dirt, and it was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve. One man, one woman for life till death do you part. So I would never attempt to try to redefine marriage.  And I don’t think anyone else should either,” Cameron said. “So do I support the idea of gay marriage? No, I don’t.[i]

Kirk, of course, is about to release his newest film, Monumental, a documentary about the true spiritual heritage of America. Let’s join our prayers together for this courageous brother, and support him by going to see this important and significant film.

Kirk’s Excellent Strategy

This article, however, is not really about promoting Kirk’s new project; it’s about noticing his strategy in arguing against homosexual marriage. After all, if you’re going to throw out those five words, you’d better back them up with some pretty solid arguments.

Did you notice how he did it?

Most of the time when biblical Christians are interviewed on this subject, they most often appeal to arguments like, “Well, throughout the history of Western culture marriage has always been defined as one man, one woman,” or, “Homosexual marriages can’t produce offspring,” or any number of other arguments based on human reason.[ii]

But have you noticed what they typically don’t say? “The Bible says…”

Rarely do we defend marriage, in the public square, at least, with arguments from the Bible. Yet, this is exactly what Kirk did. He used some standard non-biblical arguments as well, but he anchored them with the Bible.

How? Adam and Eve. He went right back to the Garden of Eden and established marriage on God’s revelation in Genesis. In essence he was saying, “God created marriage, and he created it as one man, one woman. Therefore, we can’t change it.”

Why are we afraid to invoke the Bible?

Because we’re afraid we’ll look like fools.

Most people in the media, secular education, and, unfortunately, many in the churches, have written off the Bible, and Genesis in particular, as a reliable source of truth. If we reference Genesis, we know right away we’ll get hit with a thousand objections, from the Big Bang, to Adam naming all the animals, to Noah’s Ark, to . . . well, you name it.

So, in order to protect our standing with the pagan public, we just throw in the towel and fight in our enemy’s back yard, leaving arguments based on the Bible on the sideline. Shame on us!

How is using the Bible better?

The reason this makes more sense is because the Bible gives us the absolute standard for morality. With every reasoned argument, there is an equally reasonable rebuttal. For example, just because something has been accepted in Western culture doesn’t mean it’s right. Remember slavery?

But when you argue for marriage starting with Genesis, you can’t really be defeated. God is the absolute measuring rod for right and wrong; there’s nowhere else to appeal. If the Creator says something, that settles it.

All you can really get in this case is an objection based on the commonly held notion that Genesis isn’t scientifically or historically accurate. When that comes, it will give you a chance to defend Genesis, to give an answer—in a public forum, mind you—that demonstrates the Bible is actually true.

The benefit here is that, not only will your arguments have more validity, and your chances for influencing the culture greater, but you also will have helped remove a barrier to belief in Christ caused by that unanswered objection.

In the end, it shouldn’t just be legal change we’re after, but heart change that results from a genuine salvation experience with Jesus Christ.

What to do now?

The next time you get into a discussion like this, ground your arguments in the Bible. When you get an objection, go get the answer and come back and share it later. If you’re going to a formal debate or getting ready for an interview with the media, prepare yourself in advance with answers.

When you approach the issue like this, as Kirk Cameron did, you’ll not only help protect our laws, but you may just help lead a soul to Jesus Christ. Now that’s monumental!




[i] “GLAAD Fires Back After ‘Growing Pains’ Star Kirk Cameron Calls Homosexuality ‘Unnatural’,” The Hollywood Reporter, as shown on Yahoo TV website, March 3, 2012.


[ii] These are good arguments. I don’t mean to say we shouldn’t use them. I believe, however, there is a more powerful route to take.


*Wes Moore is a conservative Christian author and speaker, and the founder of Evidence America, an apologetics and evangelism training ministry. Wes is the author of Forcefully Advancing: The Last Hope for America and American Christianity, a book designed to equip the average Christian to engage the lost; The Maker, a futuristic apologetics novel; and The Spiritual Top 50, a non-fiction apologetics book designed to help Christians answer the questions their lost friends are asking.  You can learn more about him at


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