Have you ever considered what truth is? Real truth never changes nor is dependent on circumstances. If truth depended upon our own limited understanding, then how could we ever understand what truth really is? We don’t know everything that there is to know. Tomorrow we might learn something that we didn’t know today. Would that change our perception of something that we had already decided to be the truth? The most common view today, even among Christians, is that truth is relative (i.e. ‘it all depends’.) This has implications for the way people decide to live their lives. It’s called moral relativism. For a long time now, Creation Ministries has pointed out that much of this can be attributed to the issue of origins. What you believe about where you came from (created or evolved?) will ultimately determine how you behave (for example: Psalm 53:1),. It will also form your view about what you think happens to you when you die. It has eternal consequences.

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