CreationRevolution.com was founded in 2010 as an outreach of Tolle Lege Press, LLC.

CreationRevolution.com is creating a revolution in the way people view the world and live their lives. By disseminating the most recent news and research from organizations that promote Creation Science and Intelligent Design, we are incrementally overcoming the destructive results of the Darwinian / Evolutionary worldview (atheism, abortion, euthanasia, socialism, etc.). Our mission is to show the world that there is a God who created the world and that He has a beautiful plan for His creation.


  • Brandon R. Vallorani, President and Founder
  • Jared K. Vallorani, Chief Operations Officer
  • R.L. David Jolly

About R.L. David Jolly

R.L. David Jolly, M. Sc.:

Barashith Ministries. Founder and speaker, mainly in the southwestern U.S.

Arizona Origin Science Association, Co-founder and speaker. AZOSA currently has three chapters active within the state.  (www.azosa.org)

Answers in Genesis Ministry and the Creation Museum. Administrative assistant to Ken Ham, department manager of Answers Dept. and Presentations Dept., and research coordinator for the Creation Museum. (www.answersingenesis.org)

Institute for Creation Research. Graduate with a Masters of Science degree in Biology.  (www.icr.org)

Forever in Glass – Memories to Last. Founder and artist of glass etching business (www.foreveringlass.org)

Restoring Biblical Foundations Inc. Treasurer, researcher, writer and speaker. (www.restoringbiblicalfoundations.org)

Creation Revolution – Served as editor-in-chief. (www.creationrev.staging.wpengine.com)