“Two abortion doctors face murder charges,” reports CBS Baltimore. “The allegations follow a long investigation into a botched abortion in Elkton, Cecil County.” But it goes way deeper than just one botched abortion.

Upon investigation, police found a freezer full of aborted babies, some of them apparently near full-term.

The police investigation began last year when police say Dr. Steven Brigham and Dr. Nicola Riley performed part of an abortion in New Jersey, then transferred the patient to Maryland to finish it. When the 18-year-old woman suffered complications she was taken to the hospital. Then, police searched the abortion clinic looking for her medical records, but they found something else in the freezer.

“It contained the fetuses, approximately 35,” a Cecil County police officer explained. “Some of them appeared to be close to full- term.”

Both doctors are in prison and prosecutors are planning murder charges. The incident is part of a growing crackdown on slack abortion laws in the State….


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