A committed teacher of evolutionary anthropology at a major secular university (Wisconsin State) until 1975, Dr Neil Huber, of Washington State, USA, is now a whole-hearted creationist. A committed Christian by 1981, by 1990 he had come to accept the literal Genesis viewpoint. “I grew up in total ignorance of the Bible”, he says. “I knew about Christ from school plays, Christmas, and things of that kind, but my family was very much opposed to Christianity. As my father used to say, we were scientifically enlightened people, and we didn’t believe that stuff any more.”

“I was enthusiastically teaching evolution at the university, when some of the students challenged me to read the Bible. I was confronted by the historical trustworthiness of the New Testament. At some point studying the Bible made me start to consider that evolutionary theory abounds with real, recognized problems and there is nothing good about it. It only has deleterious results, and cannot be tested, unlike the theory of electricity or hydrodynamics or anything like that.”

Dr Huber was by no means a creationist at this stage, but he had become concerned about evolutionary theory and the validity of the things he was teaching. “I became what you might call a little bit ‘agnostic’ about evolution.”

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