Written by: Paul Taylor

One of the most common objections to the biblical creation position is this:

God said “Let there be light” on Day One, but did not create the sources of light until Day Four. How can this be? Does this not prove that the days were not real days?

What Light Actually Is

Behind this question are a number of issues of understanding. Such a questioner has failed to understand that it is important to take God at His word. They have also failed to understand the nature of what light actually is.

Perhaps we need to alter the question slightly, in order to work towards an answer. Let’s ask this: is it possible for light to exist without a source? The answer to this question is “yes,” and this can be demonstrated experimentally today.

Light is a waveform in an electromagnetic field. A wave in a rope is always a good analogy for how a light wave works. If you stretch out a rope on the floor, a wave can be “sent along” the rope by one person quickly moving the end of the rope up and down. This person’s hand has given the rope the energy required to send the wave down the rope. This person could wave the rope just once, or keep waving it to send lots of waves.

The operator’s hand is like the light source. If a single wave is made, it is as if the operator has switched the source on, then switched off again. Yet, even after his / her hand has come to a stop, the wave continues to move. The wave no longer has the original source. Of course, it will soon disappear as the energy dissipates, due to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, but it does not dissipate immediately.

Perhaps one can envisage a complex set of levers that could get the wave in the rope moving, without a hand-waving, but by manipulating several parts of the rope at once. In this way, the rope-wave could be made without its “source,” though an energy input would still be required….

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