Recently I spoke with a kind, contrite gentleman who confessed that, up to this point in time, he had lived a slothful life. He admitted that he had never had a real job in 33 years (three years of which were spent in prison). In fact, he had never even filled out a single job application. He begged, borrowed, stole, and sold drugs to get by day after day, year after year. Thankfully, all of that changed only a few weeks ago as he began his first work at a fast-food restaurant.

Many hard-working Americans currently find themselves unemployed and searching for jobs. A number of sincere Christians may be seeking employment as they petition God for opportunities to work and provide for their families and others. These individuals are serious about their search for work, understanding God’s desire for them to be as self-sufficient as possible (2 Thessalonians 3:10-12). But, it is also true that many Americans (even some who call themselves Christians) seem to care less about work. They have a flippant attitude toward having a job.

Many willfully choose to live lazy lives. They seem to work harder at getting out of work, or at finding ways for others to take care of them, than actually performing a worthwhile job. I once heard a group of pregnant teenage girls say that they deserved to be taken care of (by the government) financially. Why? Because they had children out of wedlock. I know one small business owner who has several employees on “disability,” and yet most of them are more than capable of performing physically demanding construction jobs, much less jobs that require relatively little physical prowess. I spoke with a physical therapist recently who confessed having major frustration with so many patients who are in the process of filing for disability, yet are clearly capable of performing all sorts of jobs. Certainly, many Americans are genuinely disabled and unable to perform basic tasks that are necessary in order to make a normal living, but no doubt thousands, and perhaps even millions, of the 8.7 million disabled Americans are more than capable of working for a living (Jeffrey, 2012). [NOTE: 15% more Americans (1,264,808) are on federal disability than there were just three years ago (Jeffrey).]….

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