An intrepid Dutchman builds his second floating ark; this time it’s humungous!

9080ark-portIn 2008, I interviewed Dutchman Johan Huibers for Creation magazine.1 He had built a floating replica of Noah’s Ark, which, though only half-size (so it could traverse Dutch canals), was still considered immense by most people who saw it.

Revisiting him some three years later, it turns out that this was in his view only a ‘practice project’. Johan has been busy for the last three years with his real project, envisioned from day one—a full size floating ark. It was almost done when I saw him; by the time this article appears, it should be ready to launch.

Johan Huibers is a man with considerable charisma. Anyone who meets him will not readily forget his down-to-earth but enthusiastic way of explaining the Gospel and his vision behind his ark, which has remained undimmed. As he often says—God does not ask if you are fit for the task, just whether you are available. And that is what Johan lives by. The owner of a construction business, the fact that his vision of the first ark replica was realized meant that his local bank was prepared to finance this second one, for which the costs will be considerable. However, the first ark drew 600,000 visitors in almost three years, no mean feat considering the population of the Netherlands is a mere 17 million. Johan made no effort to market it, either, apart from a life-size polyester model of either a giraffe or elephant at several of the entrance roads of the town where the ark was moored, along with a large sign. Local churches supplied volunteers to help man the exhibit….

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