The visiting CMI–US speaker did not mention radiometric ‘dating’ in his presentation to an Aussie church. So guess what two members of the congregation discussed afterwards …

It’s great to have CMI–US speakers Gary Bates and Dr Jonathan Sarfati back in Australia at present. They’re here to do a ‘Question Evolution’ nationwide tour. (For Aussies interested in attending, see date/venue details below this article.)

Gary kicked off the tour with a presentation at a Brisbane church service last weekend. Now it happens to be the home church of my colleague, Dr Don Batten. After the service, a gentleman (whom we’ll call Jim1) began chatting to Don about things in Gary’s presentation—and things that weren’t. “He didn’t talk about carbon dating,” Jim said. “Isn’t that a problem?”

Don replied, “People say ‘carbon dating’ in the generic sense of radiometric dating. Other techniques are used to give the millions of years. However, carbon dating itself is actually powerful evidence against the millions of years. That’s because carbon-14 decays very quickly. It has a half-life of 5,730 years. So every 5,730 years half of it disappears.”

Jim, knowledgeable in mathematics, quickly understood the problem for the millions-of-years paradigm, not the Bible’s timeline—the reverse of what he’d thought.

Don continued: “So after even only a million years, even if something was pure carbon-14, there’d be no carbon-14 to measure. However, objects which are supposed to be even hundreds of millions of years old, such as ‘Permian’ coal, can be measured to have carbon-14 present. It shouldn’t be there if the coal is hundreds of millions of years old.”….

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