*by Wes Moore

Brian was raised in a devout Christian home. He went to Sunday school, youth group, and eventually taught Bible studies in his church. He married a wonderful Christian woman and had a beautiful little girl.

He also went to public school his whole life.

Brian became a good friend of mine. We lived in the same neighborhood and shared the same love of sci-fi action movies. One summer I organized a Bible study for our neighborhood. Brian, being a Christian, agreed to join the study.

The day of the first Bible study, I got a call from Brian. Here’s what he said: “Wes, I’m not going to be able to attend the study tonight. I’m not a Christian anymore. I’m an atheist. I believe in evolution.”

A Strong Faith

Over the next few months, Brian and I met several times and traded dozens of e-mails and letters about his decision. I tried everything I could to convince him evolution wasn’t true, but nothing worked. His conviction was so strong in evolutionary teaching, it was as if it was encased in solid concrete.

In one interaction, I brought up the truth that evolution is a faith-based system. Here’s how he responded:

“So, is my acceptance of evolution partly based on faith? Sure—it was no surprise to me when you wrote that in your last letter. It’s not a religious or spiritual kind of faith, but it is a trust that the 95% of scientists are right.”

What happened?

Let me point out two reasons Brian lost his faith. First, his parents kept him in the public school system for seventeen years (through high school and college). The public educational system is an ungodly institution run by secular humanists. It is both a training ground for godlessness and a temple for idol worship. What our children learn in the classrooms and hallways is a complete affront to the biblical God and his will for his people.

I am convinced that it is nearly impossible for a child to spend six to eight hours a day under the constant evolutionary and godless indoctrination provided by the public educational system and come out as a devout, biblical Christian. Yes, there are exceptions, but, in the vast majority of cases, our children simply don’t survive.

The second reason Brian lost his faith is that his parents and the church were completely derelict in their responsibility to train him to survive intellectual attacks on his faith. For whatever reason, the church and his parents did not recognize what he was learning at school and address it throughout his life.

As Ken Ham often says, “The world taught him evolution, and the church taught him Bible stories.”

I can speak from personal experience that the only time in my fourteen year walk with Christ that I have ever heard apologetics from the pulpit is when I was teaching it myself. I’m not talking about attending an apologetics conference; I’m talking about the average pastor addressing these critical issues with his flock on Sunday morning.

Furthermore, most Christian parents provide for their children, but don’t disciple them. They spend most of their time running their kids from event to event after school instead of countering the lies their children are fed on a daily basis.

What I came to understand about Brian was that the seventeen years he was taught evolution in public school had completely overwhelmed and undermined his faith in the Bible. And those around him who were responsible for his soul did virtually nothing to stop it.

How about you?

What are you doing to counter the evolutionary teaching your children are getting on a daily basis? How do you disciple your kids at home? Will their faith stand the kind of onslaught that Brian received? Will they become atheists one day too?

How about the pastors and church leaders reading this article? When was the last time you taught your people how they can know God exists, or how they can be sure there was a global flood, or why the fossil record doesn’t prove evolution? What are you waiting for?


Unfortunately, there are thousands of Brian’s out there all over the country. And there will be thousands more if we don’t recognize what is happening and act to reverse this trend.

Open your eyes to what Satan is doing and counter it with the truth, or maybe one day—God forbid—someone will write an article like this about your son or daughter.

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*Wes Moore is a conservative Christian author and speaker, and the founder of Evidence America, an apologetics and evangelism training ministry. Wes is the author of Forcefully Advancing, a book designed to equip the average Christian to engage the lost; The Maker, a futuristic apologetics novel; and The Spiritual Top 50, a non-fiction apologetics book designed to help Christians answer the questions their lost friends are asking.  You can learn more about him at www.wesmoorenow.com.


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