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6,000 years of biblical history:

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Questions and answers

The article by Lita CosnerHow does the Bible teach 6,000 years? raised many questions about biblical chronology and authority, which she, Dr Carl Wieland, and Dr Jonathan Sarfati answer.

Katalin P., Australia, 9 December 2012

I like Creation and most of the articles, and I also have trouble to age the Planet Earth, I think it is 6000 years/or little bit more/ since Adam. Lucifer was before Adam no one know surely how long they were on Earth, when did he rebel against the Creator and ⅓ of God’s angels agreed with Lucifer but God /triune God/with His faithful angels defeated them. These events happened for sure, and we know they were heavenly being, so no one is able to tell the age of the Earth. To me at this moment is billions of years old but not after the earthly calendar, and I am not on evolution side, but something is missing. Anyway I will keep on praying about this, something science received which confirms the Bible, and some oppose it, to me really not that important to know the age of the Earth rather than to have the faith in the living God, who is able to tell us the truth. God probably keep it in secret, just to search for Him. …

This article is very good and I can see clearly the history.

God bless you all.

Lita Cosner (article author) responds

This is actually a common concern but is resolved when one considers some clear biblical teachings. First is Exodus 20:11, which makes it clear that everything, heaven, earth and all their inhabitants, i.e. everything that was made, was made in those six days. And at the end of them, God said that everything He had made was all very good. That means that the angels were created in those six days (probably at the beginning of Day 1, as they rejoiced when later that day the foundations of the earth were laid, as Job 38:4–7 indicates). It also means that Lucifer’s rebellion could not have happened yet. Since he tempted Eve after his rebellion, obviously, this must have happened after creation week but before the temptation of Eve. I have sometimes said (using human experience as an analogy) that it takes little time for pride to well up in the heart, and not long at all to rouse up a rabble of followers to join one in rebellion….


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  • Seymour Kleerly

    These article should insult the intelligence of anyone over 6 years old. I think there’s a better chance of Atlas holding the earth on his shoulders than these metaphors having actually, literally happened.

    • David Beall

      Seymour, are you capable of posting a comment without insulting someone? I’m constantly amazed at how liberals consistently deal with others with such an air of superiority, when their commesnt so clearly show they are superior to anyone … including a 6-year-old.

      • Seymour Kleely

        I’m very sorry sir. I know it’s rude and I wish I was not compelled to do it. I think Religion is actually the opposite from what Christ fought and died for. It’s divisive, dumbs down and is a plague on our species.

  • Robert

    God loves you so much Seymour and respects your decision to reject Him. However, your public announcement and rejection of His authority, superiority and omnipotence will bite you in the backside. Although, His love for you is willing to overlook your egregious disrespect for Him, you will stand before Him and answer His questions about your failure as a man, unless you repent and ask for forgiveness and seek His face and acknowledge that Jesus is your Lord and Savior. I prey that you see the light and come to realize His love and forgiveness, before it’s too late.

  • Ray_Downen

    It’s good to seek answers to questions that plague us. It’s also good to recognize human inadequacies to answer some questions which may be asked. None of us now alive were alive when the cosmos was spoken into existence. Why do we need to know exactly how God did the creation? It’s good to know that God exists, as is proved repeatedly in the writings of John Clayton and others. Since none of us humans are God, and all of us are humans, it behooves us all to be humble and admit that we don’t know every answer to every question that can be asked!

  • Acushla

    In the BEGINNING God created the HEAVENS and the Earth. This HEAVENS is different from the Heavens created on the second day of the week of creation. The Earth was CREATED BEFORE the week of creation whatever length of time it was. The LIGHT that was created on the first day is different from the light that came from the Sun which was created with the moon and stars on the Fourth day of creation week. The Sun, moon and stars was created in the Heavens created on the second day which was a firmament. We know from Scriptures that Heylel, Satan was put in charge of Planet Earth and became the god of the world when he rebelled against GOD. Planet Earth became chaos “The earth was without form and an empty waste, and darkness was upon the face of the very great deep.The Spirit of GOD was moving over the face of the waters.” Under the heavens GOD caused the dry land Earth and the accumulated waters Seas to be formed. Then LIFE was created on the fifth and sixth days. What about the light of the stars that takes so very long to reach Planet Earth for mankind to see. ?! They were created where GOD put them.

  • David Beall

    I think we make a mistake when we try to analyze and evaluate the Creation story by our human understanding and concepts of time, i.e. days, years, etc. We’re mortal. God is eternal. He is not limited by a 24-hour day the way we mortals — His creation are. When you cut yourself loose from the limitations our mortality places on our experiences, the Creation story isn’t confusing at all. At least it isn’t to me. How long is a day to God, who is eternal? Could it be in the neighborhood of 2 billion years?

    Consider the scientific explanation of creation. The Big Bang occured 14 billion years ago, give or take. Genesis 1:3-5, “Then God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light. (The Big Bang). God saw that the light was good, so He divided the light from the darkness. God named the light ‘day’ and the darkness ‘night’. Evening passed and morning came. This was the first day” (2 billion years).

    When viewed from the proposed time-scale, God’s eternal time scale, it doesn’t seem to be an unreasonable approach of linking the Biblical perspective and the “scientific” perspective.

    The bottom line is, God made all of what we are. I see know need to get bogged down in a process question, which is all focusing on time “measurement” is; an argument over process, not causality.

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