Naturalistic planetary scientists assert that achondritic (i.e. basaltic) meteorites found on Earth were derived from the third largest asteroid in the asteroid belt—4 Vesta. However, two new studies of several purported 4 Vesta meteorites suggest that they were derived from Vesta-like bodies in the inner asteroid belt. The asteroid belt continues to eject materials, some with Earth-crossing orbits, and it remains the most logical source for materials that impacted Earth with the onset of the Flood.

Earth’s crust contains many impact craters. While questions remain regarding the type of materials (rock, metal, or ice) that created them, many young-earth creationists believe that these impact events began at the onset of the Genesis Flood.1-18 Debate still remains regarding the source of the impact materials and the above references contain much discussion and information on this issue.

I have previously proposed that the extraterrestrial material that impacted Earth, beginning with the onset of the Flood and diminishing thereafter, was derived from the asteroid belt (as evidenced by Kirkwood Gaps and ongoing meteor falls), located between Mars and Jupiter (figure 2).7,11 Two recent articles19,20 provide additional evidence for this proposal, suggesting that the asteroid belt may be ejecting basaltic objects into Earth-crossing orbits from areas previously unidentified.

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